High Roller Lifestyle – How To Get The VIP Treatment In Vegas

‘What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’ So the saying goes! Well, we’re here to debunk that myth by revealing some hot tips on how to get treated like a true VIP when you visit Sin City.

Partying in Nevada’s gambling metropolis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it’s all about living the dream. But a lot of the best action goes on behind the red ropes in the VIP lounges and bars that you didn’t think you’d ever get to see. That is, until now…

Here are some top tips on how to get into those VIP clubs and get treated like a star in Vegas (even when, strictly speaking, you aren’t one yourself!).

High Roller Lifestyle – How To Get The VIP Treatment In Vegas

Think Male To Female Ratio

Let’s start with one for the guys. Getting into any club has always been easier when your group is a mix of guys and girls, wherever you are. And that includes Vegas. So, don’t rock up to the venue you are trying to get into as a group of 15 noisy, drunken men.

Split that group into 2s or 3s and try to make friends with some female companions with who you can enter the club as a group.

Remember, doormen, are told to fill the club with good-looking ladies. If you are alongside them, chances are you’ll get in too!

High Roller Lifestyle – How To Get The VIP Treatment In Vegas

Get To Know The Management!

A little-known secret – having a personal connection at any VIP club or restaurant that you are trying to get into can be a big help. One way to do this is to saunter on by early on or during the day and have a chat with a senior staff member or, more importantly, a Maitre D.

It’s not uncommon for a club to put aside tables for unexpected guests who show up, and that implies a level of flexibility in seating and reservations that could extend to a new friend and his or her pals who show up on the night too!

Oh, and remember, a tip is always an added advantage here – cross their palms with silver and the friendship is sealed!

Look The Part

It goes without saying that if you are going to hang with the VIPs then you need to look like one yourself. So, don’t spend a day drinking by the pool then just throw on a shirt and show up red-faced and sweaty. You need to have the swagger of a Clooney or a Pitt, complete with a pressed shirt, shiny shoes, and slick hair if you’re going to be at that party.

And if you really want to do it in style, you can always hire a really expensive car for the day. Pulling up outside the club in a McLaren 720S or a Ferrari F8 Tributo is going to do you no harm as you look to catch the doorman’s eye.

High Roller Lifestyle – How To Get The VIP Treatment In Vegas

Check Out Pool Parties

We’ve all seen them in the films and on social media – Vegas pool parties look like some of the most exciting places to hang out. Lots of drinks, lots of suns, DJs and hot people.

These events are often exclusive for VIPs but on rare occasions, it is possible to find a way in and a way to your own table. Our advice is to check out the listings in advance, show up early, or wait for a time when the doormen aren’t looking as they are too busy with someone far more important … and richer.

Once you’re in … you’re in. And it could be an unforgettable experience.

High Roller Lifestyle – How To Get The VIP Treatment In Vegas

Eat At Restaurants Affiliated With VIP Clubs

Another option if you are looking to find your way into the most exclusive areas of a top club is to start by eating at an affiliated restaurant.

Many of the big clubs have a restaurant attached where people may eat before going to drink and dance the night away. Take a table at one of these, then do your best to get to know your waiter there. When the moment is right, ask if you can get a VIP table in the club, or at least a direct line to the front of the queue where you can start negotiating with the doormen.

Of course, a few dollars here and there do not go amiss in the process of persuasion. Just keep it discrete and you might just get lucky.

Be Ready To Spend Like A High Roller At Casinos

Ok, so there are a few useful tips on how to be a high roller. But of course, this is Vegas baby, and above all money talks! If you want to be treated like a VIP you should be ready to spend like a VIP. Have dollars in your pocket, and a credit card at the ready.

It’s not unlike the world of virtual Vegas where the players who get the best treatment are those who spend the most – VIP Casino programs are extremely generous and Salon Prive Blackjack tables where players can bet exclusively with the dealer are not uncommon. But that unique experience has to be earned. It is the same at real-world Vegas clubs, hotels, and casinos.

If you spend big, you’ll be rewarded big and welcomed back with open arms too. This is the most important piece of advice we can give and one guaranteed to work!

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