How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends

It’s been a long year for a lot of people and taking care of your mental health has never been more important. It became difficult to see loved ones between pandemic restrictions and national lockdowns. Many people went months without seeing their friends or family in 2020. Fortunately, the pandemic restrictions have lifted, and we can now spend some quality time reconnecting with friends and family.

Get together with your friends and enjoy an evening of self-care while catching up. Put on your face masks, grab a bottle of wine and catch each other up on the last year and a half. Although going out with friends is fun, there often aren’t many opportunities to have deeper conversations. Take some quality time with your friends and make time for each other.

Here are a few things you could do on your self-care evening.

Pamper Day

How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends

The stereotypical self-care evening involves a mani-pedi, face mask and plenty of candles. Instead of going to the nail salon, buy yourselves an at-home gel nail kit equipped with a UV light and colourful polishes. You can paint your nails all night long and treat yourself to some luxury chocolate treats.

Do A Yoga Class

How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends

If you’re feeling a little more energised, you could do a yoga class together. Venture to your local yoga studio and do a relaxing class together. Stretch out the stress and return home feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

Go On A Hike

How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends

Sometimes a little fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for a friendship. Take your best pals on a weekend hike to reconnect and enjoy some time together. Stop off at a wild swimming spot to cool off and soak in the summer atmosphere.

Create Manifestation Boards

How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends

The last year made many people question their career choices, personal lives and long-term goals. Set up a vision board night with your friends and visualise what you want to achieve in life. A manifestation session is a great way to support your friends and find out how you can help each other. You could cut out a few pictures from magazines, write with colourful pens and hang the board above your desk when you get home.

Watch A Movie

How To Have A Self-Care Evening With Your Friends
Someone Great on Netflix.

Keep it simple, and watch your favourite movie together. If you’ve been friends for a while, choose a nostalgic movie that you used to watch together. Alternatively, why not strengthen your bond by watching a marathon of movies about best friends?

Take some time to reconnect with your friends and find out about their lockdown experience.