How To Host A Lavish Brunch At Home

There’s nothing more enjoyable than treating you and your loved ones to a lavish brunch. While it’s fun to brunch with your friends or family at a cafe or restaurant, nothing beats having one right at home. Brunching has become so popular that restaurant bookings have increased by 65% in the past year. The best thing about a home brunch is that it allows you to explore different menus and perfect your hosting skills. You don’t need to fret if it’s your first time hosting a brunch. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare.

1. Plan Your Menu

It’s always good to plan ahead of any event, even for something as laid back as brunch. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone that works best under pressure. The problem with not planning a menu and leaving it at the last minute is that it can make the entire preparation stressful. Planning a menu also ensures that you can make adequate preparations for guests with dietary requirements. When planning your menu, stick with recipes that aren’t time-consuming and will allow you to be more flexible. For instance, if you decide to include pancakes in your menu, keep in mind that you might spend hours behind the stove while your guests eat and catch up with each other. Instead, come up with meals that you can prepare ahead of time. A cheese board is a good recipe to whip up before your brunch. You can check out how to make a cheese board from scratch beforehand. 

2. Go Grocery Shopping Early

Having a set menu helps you know which ingredients you have and the ones you will need to purchase from the supermarket. Ensure that you write down every ingredient and check your inventory to cross out what items you have. It would be best to shop with your list to ensure that you don’t leave any ingredients out and overspend. Try as much as possible to get most of your shopping done at least the day before your brunch or even earlier. The last thing you would need is to rush to the store early on the day of your brunch, which can throw your entire plans into a wrench. 

3. Consider Using Paper Or Plastic Products

If you’re expecting a crowd in your home for your brunch, you might strongly consider using disposable products for your utensils. You might spend the latter part of your brunch behind the sink. Alternatively, these utensils might be too much to load into your dishwasher. To make this easier, why not use paper or plastic products? This strategy takes away the stress of cleaning up and washing dishes away. They are much easier to dispose of and way more affordable. And once your guests are done eating and drinking, you can choose to reuse or recycle them

With these smart tips, you are well on becoming the best brunch host your loved ones have ever seen. With enough planning and preparation, you will be guaranteed an amazing time.