How to Make Your House Appear More Luxurious

A touch of luxury never goes unnoticed. If you’re wanting to make your home look or feel more expensive, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to blow the budget – unless you want to.

Whether you’re trying to impress guests or prospective buyers, a sense of grandeur can be created with a few simple steps.

Make a Statement with Lighting

Lighting can elevate and enhance any room. Statement features such as chandeliers and pendant lights draw attention upwards which creates a sense of wonder for anyone entering.

Creating a luxurious ambience can also be done with the right lighting. Favouring softer tones, rather than harsh whites, can help to set the right mood in a living space. Don’t forget, table, floor and ceiling lights can all make an important impact in different spaces.

How to Make Your House Appear More Luxurious

Set The Tone with Artwork

The right art and decorative elements can entice a sense of majesty throughout a home. Landscape pieces, portraits and even abstract art can be mesmerising and bring about a luxurious feel if placed correctly.

Framing is almost as important as the art itself, helping to merge elements of your interior design seamlessly. Don’t rush into buying art to fill spaces, take your time to find the right additions to your home and you’ll build up an impressive collection over time.

Choose your Furniture Wisely

Furniture can make or break a luxury interior. Your selections need to provide charm, character and intrigue. Sometimes less is more, particularly when it comes to achieving a luxury finish.

Matching sets are going out of style. Instead, look to combine new and contemporary units, textures and finishes to create a room full of personality. Quality woods are still a brilliant addition, but be sure to throw in some modern metal, stone and natural finishes to diversify textures and aesthetics.

Create a Luxury Exterior

The exterior needs to meet the standards set inside your property to create the full effect. Kerb appeal makes a good first impression, so get your external walls and window frames repainted to freshen up the building.

Build a deck or lay paving stones for an outdoor hosting area to give you more usable space. Integrate nature with surrounding bushes and trees, and get the lighting right to create a warm and premium atmosphere for those evening gatherings.

How to Make Your House Appear More Luxurious

Add the Finishing Touches with Finer Details

Luxury is about the finer details as much as the grand statements. Upgrading light fittings, switches, handles and sockets is relatively inexpensive, but can make a marked difference when trying to achieve a high-end finish.

Soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, quilts and curtains are also crucial. These play a role aesthetically, but also provide luxury to the touch which is something often forgotten. It’s worth paying a little more for indulgent fabrics and sumptuous textures to bring the final touches to a classy room.