How to Pick the Best Online Sports Betting Site

There have been a lot of changes in the gambling industry in this area of the world in the last few years. New laws and regulations have made it easier for those who wish to bet on sports in the US and Canada to do so.

The US tended to have stricter laws, whereas Canada had allowed parlay betting for over three decades. But in August last year, single-game sports betting in Canada was launched. This allowed residents to bet on single games rather than as part of a multiple bet. That move proved very popular – but how do you know which online sportsbook is the best for you? Read on to find out.

Check Availability

How to Pick the Best Online Sports Betting Site

Although single-game sports betting is now legal in Canada, it is still down to the individual provinces and territories as to how exactly the law is implemented. That’s why you should still check what you are allowed to do in your location before committing yourself to any online sportsbook.

The likelihood is that you will be able to bet on sports in the way that you want. But there would be nothing worse than checking everything else when it came to a supposedly perfect online sportsbook – only to then realize that you are forbidden to bet on sports where you reside.

Bonuses and Promotions

How to Pick the Best Online Sports Betting Site

The change in gambling laws meant that there were suddenly a whole host of new online sportsbooks looking to sign up potential new customers. As willing as many of those customers were, they were the ones really in control – and the range of welcome bonuses offered proved that.

Online sportsbooks will entice new customers with attractive sign-up bonuses and other promotions. Take a look around to see which of these offers works for you. It should be noted that there are always terms and conditions attached to the promotions – so make sure you read the small print too.

Betting Options and Odds

How to Pick the Best Online Sports Betting Site

This may seem like an obvious factor to consider when shopping around for an online sportsbook. But even the smallest difference in odds and prices offered can mean bigger or smaller potential winning returns when it comes to that playoff winner. Some sportsbooks may offer better odds on hockey or football – but if you intend to bet on basketball that should not really influence your decision.

The range of betting options and markets is also very important. Make sure that your online sportsbook offers a wide range of betting markets covering a variety of sports. Even if you don’t think you will bet on half of them, it is still a good sign that they are willing to give their customers the option.

Customer Service

This is one of the important factors that you can never really know about for sure until you have signed up and need assistance. But there are plenty of sites reviewing online sportsbooks – so take a look around for the ones that seem to care the most about their customers.

You should have a range of ways to get in touch with a customer support team – and they should definitely be available 24/7, to help you when you need them to. From the reviews, you should be able to ascertain whether you will get good service from a sportsbook or not.


How to Pick the Best Online Sports Betting Site

If you have checked the factors we have mentioned here you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what an online sportsbook is like. But it is all the extras it can offer that should be taken into consideration too.

Things like live betting markets, streaming and cash out features will all make your experience better. Sports betting should always be fun, so make sure you choose the site that will allow you to enjoy yourself without taking anything too seriously. Always bet within your means and you should have a great time.

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