How Universities Can Stop Bullying

Bullying refers to the harmful behaviour of one person against another one. The offender can hurt you by specific actions and words. Often, molestation is a recurrent and purposeful behaviour. It is critical to know how to stop bullying, considering a drastic number of molestation cases at schools and colleges.

Some people may think that disruptive behaviour is more about younger kids and that this childish foolishness secedes with time. Bullying in universities is a real problem today, and numerous free essays on bullying can convince you. You can check some of the popular essays on bullying to make sure. Before discovering the tips on preventing molestation on campuses, let us see what may cause disruptive behaviour.

How Universities Can Stop Bullying

Why do people offend others?

You will not find one specific reason behind molestation. People of any age can start bullying others for different reasons. Talking about the causes that trigger such harmful behaviour, these include anger because of some problems a person faces, poor or absent upbringing, and violence at home. What is more, some people resort to bullying when they need attention from others. For instance, from the side of their parents or peers.

Do not be surprised that both a teacher and a student can be a bully. You should also remember about cyber bullying that is typical for the modern technological world. There are enough free essays on cyberbullying that you can read. It is easy to insult anyone online while remaining incognito. You can imagine the scope of such yobbish manners, considering the viral nature of the Internet.

Ways to fend off bullying

Bullying prevention at the universities should be an obligatory measure. First, regular attention to the issue ensures that the newcomers are aware of the molestation signs, possible outcomes, and prevention methods. Secondly, if those people who offend others do not change, they will bring this devastating behaviour to their families, work, and, eventually, society. Below, you can see several effective ways of bullying prevention.

How Universities Can Stop Bullying

Ask students to seek help on time

Not every young person understands the importance of speaking out loud about molestation. Some are too shy, and others think that they deserve such an attitude or suppose that no one will believe them. The university administration must encourage students to share their experiences with someone they know and trust. It can be a relative, a close friend, or a psychologist. The point is that they should not leave things as they are and take action. Otherwise, the problem will remain with them for a long time.

Create a clear policy on university bullying

An educational institution must have a decent policy on on-campus bullying and communicate it clearly. By doing so, you demonstrate to all students that it is a severe issue that is unacceptable at the university. Not only the young adults should know the policy, but the university staff must also be aware of the information on bullying. While creating the document, make sure to revise civil rights laws, conduct codes, and your state’s criminal laws.

How Universities Can Stop Bullying

Encourage people to report violations related to bullying

Young people, as well as the university staff, must know how to inform about one’s misbehaviour and what person is in charge of such incidents. All the parties should be aware of what actions refer to molestation. This knowledge must be a part of conventional education to create a culture of a tolerant and rightful community.

How Universities Can Stop Bullying

Introduce training to university academic program

Impactful training is also an excellent way to learn more about bullying behaviour. In online education, you can arrange a virtual lesson and share useful lectures and topical TedTalks. Such training should examine the reasons, types, and effects of disruptive behaviour. Besides, all the parties should learn how to intervene safely.

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