Hurlingham Waterfront: A New Icon on London’s Riverfront

Rockwell, a pioneering multi-use developer, has embarked on a momentous journey with the commencement of construction on their prestigious 3.2-acre riverside masterpiece, Hurlingham Waterfront.

This ambitious project, nestled on the grounds of a former Curry’s superstore, promises a remarkable transformation, breathing life and vibrancy into 150 metres of riverfront, poised to become a coveted destination in its own right.

Hurlingham Waterfront: A New Icon on London's Riverfront

Investment in the Community

On Friday, 8th September, history was made as the inaugural ceremony unfolded, witnessed by the esteemed project team. The symbolic first shovel of earth was ceremoniously turned by none other than Rockwell’s Founder, Donal Mulryan. Joining him was Julie Cavanagh, the Director of SEAPIA (Sands End Associated Projects in Action).

In a heartwarming announcement, Rockwell pledged their commitment to the local community throughout the construction of Hurlingham Waterfront. The philanthropic initiative commences with their collaboration with SEAPIA, a charitable organization dedicated to providing a safe play environment for underprivileged local children. A waterproof outdoor play area will be constructed, ensuring that children can continue enjoying outdoor activities even in inclement weather.

Hurlingham Waterfront: A New Icon on London's Riverfront

A Riverside Haven

This compassionate commitment echoes Rockwell’s long-standing ethos of transcending mere development obligations to make a lasting impact on communities. In their previous regeneration project, Vetro, Rockwell empowered over 300 local Tower Hamlets women with essential hospitality skills, facilitating their employment prospects. Furthermore, they extended their support to the local football team, Westferry FC, by raising funds.

Hurlingham Waterfront promises to be a luxurious riverside haven, featuring 269 exquisitely designed apartments, each complemented by private outdoor spaces. An impressive 39,000 square feet of meticulously cultivated gardens, including roof-planted meadows, will replace sterile hardstanding, fostering biodiversity in the heart of Central London.

Hurlingham Waterfront: A New Icon on London's Riverfront

Unparalleled Amenities

Prospective buyers will be spoiled for choice with over 90 types of residences to choose from. Hurlingham Waterfront’s on-site amenities stand as paragons of excellence, boasting a 19-meter swimming pool, opulent spa facilities, a state-of-the-art gym, spacious co-working areas, a cinema room, a round-the-clock concierge, and even pet grooming facilities.

Situated in the highly coveted SW6 postcode, the development offers proximity to London’s finest shopping, dining, entertainment, artistic, and green spaces, all within ‘one of London’s leafiest boroughs.’

Hurlingham Waterfront: A New Icon on London's Riverfront

Donal Mulryan, Founder of Rockwell said: “We are excited to transform this space and to give it a new purpose with over 260 new homes. Our project will not only bring new homes but also breathe new life into the 150 metres of riverfront that borders the site, creating a brand new space for the community, with rewilded spaces reintroducing greenery and wildlife. As with all our developments, we are going beyond the building, reaching into the local community to leave a legacy and create meaningful benefits. We are proud to announce our support of SEAPIA – an amazing charity that does so much for the local area and the children who live here.”

In conclusion, Rockwell’s Hurlingham Waterfront project is poised to redefine luxury living along the riverbanks of London. As they embark on this remarkable journey, their commitment to the community, echoed in their support for SEAPIA, is set to leave a profound and lasting legacy, ensuring that this development transcends bricks and mortar, becoming a cherished part of the community it serves.

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