Immersive Luxury: Fullerton Ocean Park’s Timeless Splendor

Blink Design Group, renowned for their unrivalled expertise in creating captivating interiors, has breathed new life into the Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel, located in the charming and historically significant Aberdeen district of Hong Kong.

Drawing inspiration from the island’s rich heritage, architectural traditions, and marine biodiversity, Blink Design Group has stayed true to their promise of exploring the world through innovative design. With a contemporary yet timeless approach, they have successfully revived the essence of “The Fragrant Harbour” within the hotel’s interiors.

Immersive Luxury: Fullerton Ocean Park's Timeless Splendor

Clint Nagata, the visionary founder and creative director of Blink Design Group, found inspiration in the local fishing village’s history, architectural styles, sailing culture, and the natural diversity of Hong Kong Island’s southern coast. These elements have been intricately woven into the design, resulting in a unique and modern oceanfront destination that pays homage to the island’s captivating past.

Captivating Arrival Experience: A Journey Begins

As guests arrive at the Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel, they are greeted by the captivating beauty of steep hills and lush greenery that frame the entrance. Warm-coloured timber portals serve as markers for the drop-off area, while contemporary screen patterns, inspired by seafaring adventures, adorn the main entrance. The reception counter, a statement millwork piece crafted in green stucco, is surrounded by locally-made vessels containing tropical indoor plants. Set against a backdrop of woven rattan finish, it exudes a relaxed atmosphere of luxury and indulgence, reminiscent of the golden days of “The Fragrant Harbour.”

Immersive Luxury: Fullerton Ocean Park's Timeless Splendor

“We have drawn on many influences for inspiration in this fascinating project,” Mr Nagata said. “Textures and patterns from the southern coast vernacular, mountains and islands, the district’s lush vegetation, seafaring adventures and the rich history of the local sampans reimagined as beautiful patterns on screens, woven rattan finishes, inspirations from the district’s rich marine biodiversity, bohemian chic, eclectic accents, rare and exotic materials and an elegant seaside resort have all been brought to bear.”

The Lighthouse Lounge: A Panoramic Oasis of Tranquility

With a lofty ceiling standing at 7.3 meters high, the Lighthouse Lounge offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the South China Sea, comfortably accommodating 94 guests at the horizon. The space is accentuated by columns that draw inspiration from the intricate details of bygone Victorian architecture, featuring vertical elements on white timber.

Immersive Luxury: Fullerton Ocean Park's Timeless Splendor

Warm-coloured, nature-inspired materials define this iconic space, which serves as the true “living room” of the Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel. Towering trees and lush tropical plants adorn the lounge, while large fans suspended from the high ceiling evoke a sense of glamour reminiscent of the verandas of Repulse Bay. Handmade rugs and nautical-themed throw pillows add a touch of natural elegance. Seamlessly connecting with the outdoors, the lounge blurs the boundaries between nature and interior spaces. Refined natural abaca screens provide sun shading, paying tribute to the Fullerton brand’s roots in Singapore.

Versatile Function Rooms: Opal, Coral, Sapphire, and Amber

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel offers four function rooms, each named Opal, Coral, Sapphire, and Amber, designed with a perfect blend of style and versatility. These elegant spaces can comfortably accommodate gatherings and events of all sizes, ranging from intimate meetings to larger-scale occasions, hosting anywhere between 16 and 100 guests.

Seamlessly Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living

Embracing the beauty of nature, the hotel’s “garden of re-creation” encapsulates a strong nature-themed experience. This level is anchored by a signature pool featuring two pool-in-pool jacuzzis, inviting guests to indulge in an immersive oceanfront experience. Blink Design Group has drawn inspiration from the vibrant ambience of the Hong Kong Riviera to create stunning spa facilities and suites.

Immersive Luxury: Fullerton Ocean Park's Timeless Splendor

Guests are transported to a world of sculptured landscapes and relaxed glamour as if they were far away from bustling urban Hong Kong. The spa exudes a resort-like vibe, enhanced by Southeast Asian well-being touches. The luxurious changing rooms, strategically positioned along the extended floor plate, offer panoramic views of the bay and mountains. Tucked away in a secluded corner, a vitality pool provides both privacy and a sweeping, dramatic panorama for guests to enjoy.

A New Era of Luxury Unveiled

Blink Design Group has masterfully redefined the concept of seaside resort grandeur at the Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel in Hong Kong’s enchanting Aberdeen district. Combining elements of heritage, architectural traditions, and marine biodiversity, they have created a truly timeless design journey. As guests step into this oceanfront sanctuary, they are transported to an era of glamour and tranquillity, where the natural beauty of Hong Kong’s southside Riviera converges with contemporary sophistication. The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel stands as a testament to Blink Design Group’s unparalleled expertise in creating captivating and immersive experiences, setting a new standard for luxury hospitality in Hong Kong and beyond.

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