Inaugural Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac Evening

Oxfordshire | United Kingdom

Since its inception in 1904, the luxury motoring giant Rolls-Royce has always been much more than just a vehicle, it is a lifestyle. The brand and its followers value craftsmanship and artistry above all and understand that reward and the enjoyment thereof is almost as important as earning it. Encapsulating this spirit, the result thereof was the inaugural Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac evening.


The exclusive and intimate event saw a list of handpicked guests welcomed at the Soho Farmhouse private members’ club for an indulgent event. Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, the venue embodies everything that the brand stands for. It is the discreet luxury, elegance and exclusivity of the Soho Farmhouse that created the warm and intimate ambience for the event. The Regional Director of Rolls-Royce, Julian Jenkins commented:

“The ‘cars and cognac’ meet demonstrated the wonderful spirit of our customers as well as their deep passion for the brand. This evening was reflective of the rich dialogue between Rolls-Royce and its patrons; a truly unique and extremely rare relationship, one which we are privileged to nurture.”

Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac
Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac

The evening started with guests being welcomed at the door with refreshing drinks as the summer sun slowly set in the background. Hosted in the beautiful private farmhouse barn, the dining tables were flanked by a Rolls-Royce Dawn from the Adamas Collection and a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge adorned with the new Aero Cowling. The gastronomic evening was then followed by an exceptional fine-dining experience.

After dinner, guests enjoyed the much-anticipated cognac tasting. Positioned at the head of the table, as the guest of honour, was the flagship Phantom, equipped with a bespoke Picnic Hamper from which a Cognac sommelier advised tasting practices and notes.

Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac
Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac

The evening was concluded with hours of networking, leisurely conversation, enjoying the atmosphere, cognac and of course the Rolls-Royce vehicles. Some guests chose to stay within Soho Farmhouse while those who chose to go home following the Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac event were chauffeur-driven by Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce Cars and Cognac
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