The International Bugatti Meeting Across Sicily

Over 1,000 km in just a few days, the 66 cars from Type 13 to Type 57 of the International Bugatti Meeting followed the tracks of their predecessors along carefully planned routes.

These routes included drives through historic towns like Noto and Marzamemi. Ettore Bugatti’s masterpieces toured the island’s baroque architecture and ancient fishing villages, history and engineering in perfect harmony.

Mount Etna: A Majestic Drive

One of the highlights of the tour was the drive around Mount Etna. The participants were amazed by the Sicilian landscape that surrounds the volcano. The route went through chestnut forests, vineyards and ancient lava flows.

A Timeless Journey: The International Bugatti Meeting Across Sicily

The parade of Grand Prix cars and vintage Bugatti sports cars stopped for a coffee break at a traditional restaurant on the slopes of Etna. Here local specialties were enjoyed with a view that made Sicily even more beautiful.

Sicilian Heritage

The Val di Noto is in the heart of Sicily and is a Baroque masterpiece. Stone and history wrapped around the participants in a timeless atmosphere.

The big churches, opulent palaces and charming squares are a human creation and a tribute to eternal beauty. UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area is the sum of the Sicilian cultural heritage.

After lunch by the sea in Marzamemi the convoy went back to the hotel. A special evening program was waiting for the guests: an open-air theatre in Syracuse. Here the participants saw a Greek tragedy in the ancient Greek Theatre, to show Sicily’s Hellenic roots and its cultural importance of over 2,000 years.

Sicilian Wine Tradition

Sicily is famous not only for its history but also for its wine. On the fourth day, the trip took the participants through the vineyards and then to a local winery for lunch. This stop was a tasting of Sicily’s wine heritage, the tradition of winemaking that goes along with its history.

The last day of the trip took the group through the Sicilian countryside again. The participants were impressed by the local craftsmanship during the stops.

A Timeless Journey: The International Bugatti Meeting Across Sicily

For a group of Bugatti enthusiasts who value the attention to detail and handwork that is the DNA of the brand, it was a reminder of the timelessness of the craftsmanship. The artistry of the day was the same as the one of Bugatti’s cars.

During their 1,000 km journey, the guests of the International Bugatti Meeting experienced beauty, culture and history. Sicily and the Targa Florio are unique.

With Type 35 and other Bugatti models that are part of history, the International Bugatti Meeting was a trip back to the 20s and the unrepeatable Type 35 Targa Florio dominance.

Bugatti Heritage

The International Bugatti Meeting showed a selection of Bugatti models that are part of the history, including the Type 35.

This model is a legend in the world of motorsport. Its return to Sicily was more than a journey, it was a tribute to the history and engineering of the early 20th century.

A Timeless Journey: The International Bugatti Meeting Across Sicily

The Type 35’s design and performance set it apart in its heyday, and its legacy continues to inspire automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Driving through historical towns like Noto and Marzamemi the participants could see Sicily’s cultural heritage up close. Noto’s Baroque and Marzamemi’s ancient fishing villages were the perfect setting for the vintage cars.

These towns full of history and tradition offered a mix of architectural beauty and cultural richness that matched the trip.

Baroque Charm

The Baroque architecture of the Val di Noto is a testament to human creativity and artistic excellence. The churches, palaces and squares are not just buildings, they are the history written in the stone.

Participants of the International Bugatti Meeting were immersed in this timeless beauty, appreciating the intricate details and grandeur that define this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Local food was an important part of the trip. From a coffee break on Mount Etna to a lunch by the sea in Marzamemi, the food added a flavour to the journey. These moments of gastronomy gave the participants a taste of Sicily’s rich and varied culinary heritage.

Cultural Immersion in Syracuse

The open-air theatre in Syracuse was the cultural peak of the trip. Watching a Greek tragedy in the ancient Greek Theatre allowed the participants to get in touch with Sicily’s Hellenic soul. This was a reminder of the island’s long history and its influence on art and literature.

A Timeless Journey: The International Bugatti Meeting Across Sicily

Driving through Sicily’s varied landscapes, from the slopes of Mount Etna to the vineyards, the participants experienced a mix of nature and engineering. The beauty of the surroundings matched the engineering of the Bugatti cars, a perfect journey through one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.

Honouring a Heritage of Excellence

The event showed the excellence in design, craftsmanship and performance that Bugatti represents. The participants were reminded of the brand’s long history and its influence on the automotive engineering world.

The local craftsmen were an important part of the show. During the trip, the participants saw the dedication and expertise of these craftsmen, whose work is a reflection of the attention to detail that Bugatti is famous for. This was proof that craftsmanship is timeless in automotive design and local traditions.

The International Bugatti Meeting ended and the participants thought they had lived an experience as rich as enjoyable. The mix of history, culture and driving some of the most beautiful cars in the world will be in their memories forever.

The event was a tribute to the enduring allure of Sicily and the timeless legacy of Bugatti.

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