Is It Legal To Carry HHC Products In Your Carry Bag On A Flight?

If you have been using HHC lately, you might have doubts and questions. They might be about buying, using, or carrying them.

Can you use them while traveling? Is it illegal to carry them during a flight? What will happen if I get caught with HHC?  If you have any of these questions, we have got you covered.

Before we head off to know whether it’s legal to carry during flights, let us run through some information about what it is and how it can help you.

Benefits Of Using HHC

Is It Legal To Carry HHC Products In Your Carry Bag On A Flight?

HHC doesn’t differ from THC much except for its moderate effects. It has long been known to science as a cannabinoid available in minute amounts in the cannabis plant.

Recently, studies about its effects have brought the compound to the limelight. It has led people to turn to it for its medical benefits and subtle psychoactive effects. 

It is the product of the hydrogenation of THC. As hydrogen atoms replace the double bond in THC, it is more stable and has a longer shelf life.

Some of the benefits of HHC that make it a focal point of attraction are as follows:

  • Chronic pain relief: Commercially produced it contains a mixture of active and inactive HHC molecules. By binding to the endocannabinoid receptors of the body, it works similarly to THC in relieving pain.
  • Relief from mental stress: We are aware of how well CBD and THC can improve mood. HHC is nothing less than these compounds. The subtle effects of it make it more appealing.
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Relief from inflammation
  • Relief from nausea and vomiting
  • Enhanced alertness when consumed in lower dosages
  • Improved alertness

A study in 1977 was conducted to test it on rats. The researchers discovered that the cannabinoid could share features with narcotic painkillers, but with some significant differences.

The many effects of it have paved the way for HHC-infused products to fill the shelves of dispensaries. People might want to carry its products with them during a flight.

From coping with anxiety to combatting the effects of jetlag, the reasons can be many.

Commonly, people look to carry HHC products along with them for the following reasons:

  • To tackle exhaustion and feel energetic after flight.
  • To help with the symptoms of jet lag.
  • To improve sleep quality after a long flight.
Is It Legal To Carry HHC Products In Your Carry Bag On A Flight?

Is It Safe To Consume HHC?

It is still not evident that it can help you without any side effects. We know that the compound is more stable than THC because of the hydrogen atoms.

But there are still a few side effects that one can experience by inappropriate use of HHC:

  • Dry mouth
  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Headache and nausea
  • Loss of appetite

Lack of reports and complaints doesn’t necessarily mean that the compound is entirely safe.

Stick to buying only from reputable brands to avoid these ill effects.

Can You Carry HHC In Your Backpack?

You might not want to use them during a flight. But still, can you carry it in your bag?

Though TSA has loosened certain restrictions on cannabis products, it still depends on the region you are traveling. Earlier, officials caught a woman in the airport carrying CBD oil. As CBD was illegal under the laws of their state, she had to spend two days in prison.

According to a TSA spokesperson, Marijuana and certain cannabis products like CBD are still federally illegal and may not make it through government screening.

TSA’s new guidelines allow people to bring the following products on board with them:

  • Marijuana used for medical purposes
  • Products containing less than 0.3% THC
  • Products approved for usage by FDA

How About Carrying HHC Products On The Flight?

Is It Legal To Carry HHC Products In Your Carry Bag On A Flight?

The good news is that one can carry it in your bag without worrying about the screening process. Why? Because there’s no THC.

Carrying almost all the benefits of THC, HHC is superior to THC as it is legal in over 38 states. And, it is federally legal!

Also, if you’re wondering, HHC is a hemp product. It won’t intoxicate the user upon the usage as marijuana does.

Companies are free to manufacture, sell, and distribute their products.

Things You Need To Know

Carrying HHC needs care. It’s essential to know the drug laws of your state before you make any attempt to take HHC products with you.

  • If you are using it for its medical benefits, remember to keep the prescription handy. It solely depends on your destination and the place you start. Even so, having a prescription can help.
  • One must be 21 years of age or older to carry HHC products.
  • Carry HHC products in their original package.
  • Note the drug laws of your destination region.

If you have done all of these, keep calm, and you are free to take it with you.

The TSA Screening

TSA doesn’t look for any specific products during the screening procedure. The procedures aim at spotting products that can cause a potential threat to the safety of passengers.

Also, there is no concrete evidence that HHC doesn’t show up on a drug test. We know that it does not undergo metabolization into 11-hydroxy-THC because of its stable nature.

The Bottom Line

At last, though HHC products are legal and you can carry them during a flight, know that science does not back all of its effects.

We still do not know if all the HHC products in the market have only the recommended levels of THC. Most of its products do not contain just HHC and may have other contaminants. Always buy from a reputable vendor to avoid hassles. Using a product should never interfere with your integrity and dignity.

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