New JURA J8 Twin: Customise Your Perfect Coffee Every Time

JURA, a name synonymous with premium bean-to-cup coffee machines, has once again raised the bar with its latest innovation – the JURA J8 Twin.

This is the ultimate coffee machine, for coffee connoisseurs who want a bespoke barista experience in their own home.

JURA’s commitment to innovation and quality means the J8 Twin will change the way you drink your daily coffee.

The J8 Twin is a big deal for the Swiss-engineered brand, known for its attention to detail and quality. This builds on JURA’s long history of making great coffee machines and introduces several new features to cater for the modern consumer.

Style and Tech

The JURA J8 Twin’s design is style and substance. It combines the technology from two of JURA’s most advanced machines into one compact unit. The sleek black body, clean lines and premium build make it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

New JURA J8 Twin: Customise Your Perfect Coffee Every Time

At the heart of the J8 Twin are its two high-performance product-adjusting grinders. These grind each type of coffee bean to perfection to bring out the flavour and aroma of the coffee.

And JURA’s Sweet Foam Technology to customise the sweetness, flavour and intensity of the milk foam. So every cup of coffee is tailored to your taste.

Dual Bean Selection for Unique Blends

One of the J8 Twin’s best features is dual bean selection. This means you can choose between two different beans or blend them for a unique coffee experience. Whether you like the rich, bold flavour of a dark roast or the delicate notes of a light roast, the J8 Twin has got you covered.

This dual bean system also means you can switch between different types of coffee throughout the day. For example, you might have a strong, full-bodied espresso in the morning and a smooth, milder coffee in the afternoon. The J8 Twin is perfect for households with multiple coffee lovers.

Sweet Foam Technology: A New Dimension in Coffee Customisation

Sweet Foam Technology is a whole new level of customisation. This allows you to flavour the milk foam with your favourite flavour using a special syrup attachment.

You get a perfectly balanced and flavoured foam to complement the coffee. Whether you like a hint of vanilla, caramel or any other flavour, the Sweet Foam Technology ensures it’s evenly distributed throughout the foam.

This level of customisation is perfect for those who like to try different coffee styles. It turns a normal cup of coffee into a gourmet experience like the high street coffee shops.

By allowing you to adjust the sweetness and flavour intensity the J8 Twin lets you create many different drinks to suit your taste.

31 Customisable Drinks

The JURA J8 Twin has 31 different drinks to choose from so there’s something for everyone. From the sweet, foam-infused latte to the classic cappuccino, from the intense cortado to the delicate flat white, this machine makes many drinks.

New JURA J8 Twin: Customise Your Perfect Coffee Every Time

You can customise each drink further by adjusting the strength, temperature and volume to your taste.

This is especially helpful for households with multiple coffee lovers. Each can make their favourite drink with ease so everyone’s tastes are catered for. The J8 Twin is a kitchen essential, it can cater for all its users.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The J8 Twin is simple to use thanks to its Panorama Coffee Panel. The user-friendly interface makes selecting and customising drinks easy. Clear and simple prompts mean even the non-techy can use the machine with confidence.

And the J8 Twin is also low maintenance. JURA’s automatic cleaning programs are just a button press away so the machine stays in perfect condition with minimal effort.

This is especially helpful for those who are short on time and want great coffee without the hassle of maintenance.

Smart Connectivity for Convenience

Technology has come to coffee and the JURA J8 Twin is leading the way. With JURA’s smart connect device you can send coffee orders to the machine from your smartphone. No more need to get up and use the machine.

The smart connect feature is perfect for those who like efficiency. Imagine being able to order your morning coffee from your bed and have it ready for you in the kitchen when you get up. This level of convenience makes the coffee-making experience even better, so you can have barista-quality coffee with minimal effort.

Looks and Size

And it looks great too. The sleek black finish and clean lines make it a kitchen essential. Despite all the technology it has, the machine is compact and fits neatly on the counter without taking up too much space.

The looks are matched by the build. JURA’s attention to detail is evident in every part of the J8 Twin, from the components to the materials. So it not only looks good but will perform well over time.


The JURA J8 Twin is a new benchmark in premium coffee machines. Great design, technology and user-friendly features for a truly customised coffee.

With 31 customisable options with Sweet Foam Technology and smart connect, the J8 Twin is for the modern coffee lover.

Available in Diamond Black at Jura for £2,100 the J8 Twin is more than a coffee machine, it’s an investment in quality, convenience and the art of coffee. For those who want a customised coffee and love the details, the JURA J8 Twin is the one.

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