Kaleido Rolls’ Disloyalty Program: Try Something New

In the bustling streets of London, the love affair with Pret A Manger runs deep, with many of us making it a habit to dine there regularly, sometimes even indulging in its offerings thrice a day.

Yet, amid the comforting familiarity of our usual lunchtime spot, our palates occasionally yearn for a fresh and exciting culinary experience. It’s high time to inject some excitement into our daily lunch routine.

Kaleido Rolls' Disloyalty Program: Try Something New

Introducing Kaleido Rolls: A Fresh Perspective on Lunch

Kaleido Rolls, a trailblazing salad roll brand, has embarked on a groundbreaking culinary journey to ignite a spark of adventure among London’s lunch enthusiasts. Their pioneering initiative, the “Disloyalty Program,” seeks to entice patrons to explore new flavours and dining experiences, all while advocating for independent businesses.

During the month of September, Kaleido Rolls is extending an irresistible invitation to all Londoners. If you possess a Pret Club subscription card, visit any Kaleido Rolls store and claim a complimentary roll of your choice.

Kaleido Rolls' Disloyalty Program: Try Something New

Breaking Free from Lunchtime Monotony

In a world where multinational chains often lure diners with discounts and bundled offers, the Disloyalty Program aims to liberate lunch hours from the clutches of routine. Kaleido Rolls envisions a London where individuals embrace culinary diversity, championing the unique and the independent.

Laura Mimoun, co-founder of Kaleido Rolls, enthusiastically declares, “It’s time to cheat on Pret! Our disloyalty program is a fun way to encourage customers to give Kaleido Rolls a go and explore the unexplored. Who knows – they might even discover their new favourite lunch spot.”

A Symphony of Flavours Awaits

Kaleido Rolls boasts an enticing menu featuring ten delectable flavour combinations, each wrapped in their signature gluten-free rice paper. With half of the menu catering to vegan and vegetarian preferences, there’s something for everyone. Feast your senses on the enticing array of options, including:

  • Salt Beef (New Addition)
  • Maple Salmon and Edamame
  • Prawn and Crispy Onion
  • Chicken Caesar
  • Tuna and Pickle Mix
  • Feta and Pesto (Vegetarian)
  • Falafel (Vegan)
  • Roasted Aubergine (Vegan)
  • Veggies and Peanut Sauce (Vegan)
  • Sweet Potato and Tahini (Vegan)
Kaleido Rolls' Disloyalty Program: Try Something New

Founded in 2017, Kaleido Rolls has been redefining the food and beverage landscape in London. Their innovative approach to salads, designed to be enjoyed like a sandwich, aims to provide Londoners with healthier dining alternatives while infusing a sense of joy and playfulness into lunch breaks. Having taken the London food scene by storm, Kaleido Rolls now boasts five kiosks across the capital, including their flagship location on Kingly Street in Carnaby.

The Kaleido Rolls Disloyalty Program is running until Saturday, 30th September, offering Londoners an exciting opportunity to reimagine their lunchtime choices. Say goodbye to the predictable and embrace a world of culinary diversity. Dare to step out of your lunchtime routine, and who knows, you might just uncover your next go-to lunch spot.

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