London Design Festival: Explore Larusi’s Vintage Tuareg Rugs

In the midst of September’s creative whirlwind, the London Design Festival (16th – 24th) emerges as a stage for artistic revelations. A true gem in this showcase of innovation is Larusi’s unveiling of a vintage collection of mid-century Tuareg rugs.

Proudly displayed within the charming confines of their Kentish Town showroom, these rugs narrate tales of nomadic tribes while exuding a timeless allure.

London Design Festival: Explore Larusi's Vintage Tuareg Rugs

Unveiling the Shifting Sands Collection

Larusi, synonymous with excellence and curated aesthetics, introduces a remarkable ensemble of Tuareg rugs that resonate with the echoes of history. Souad Larusi, the visionary founder of this eponymous brand, stands as a guardian of Berber tribal textiles. Her journey spans over two decades, a period during which she has cultivated profound knowledge. Now, she brings forth an extraordinary collection that encapsulates the essence of authenticity.

London Design Festival: Explore Larusi's Vintage Tuareg Rugs

At the heart of these rugs lies a rich heritage, meticulously nurtured over generations. Nomadic tribes, traversing the expansive Sahara Desert, wove these mats with dedication and resourcefulness. Trade routes between North Africa and the Middle East were once dominated by these resilient tribespeople.

Their expertise passed down through time, found expression in these rugs woven from palm reeds, palm tree fibres, and the supple hides of camels and goats. The rugs’ hardy construction not only offered insulation from the desert’s scorching sands but also ensured portability as caravans moved across terrains.

Design that Transcends Time

The designs of Tuareg rugs are an embodiment of understated elegance, resonating seamlessly with modern interiors. Geometric patterns, subtly woven, harmonize effortlessly with contemporary spaces. Their allure has not escaped the discerning eyes of tastemakers, design aficionados, and prominent studios.

London Design Festival: Explore Larusi's Vintage Tuareg Rugs

A journey across these rugs is a passage through the lives of weavers and their nomadic tribes, spanning Mali, Niger, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Libya, and Mauritania. The palette of the Tuareg mats reflects the hues of the Saharan expanse, evoking a sense of connection with nature. The very composition, intertwining reeds and leather, imparts a tactile and organic character.

An Insight from the Visionary

In the words of Souad Larusi, a connoisseur of timeless artistry: “My love for Tuareg rugs has flourished over years of discovery and admiration. Their innate elegance and adaptability align seamlessly with contemporary interiors. They effortlessly complement vintage furniture and lighting, as well as modern settings.”

London Design Festival: Explore Larusi's Vintage Tuareg Rugs

Amid the London Design Festival’s artistic symphony, Larusi invites you to embrace the essence of nomadic mastery. The Shifting Sands Collection shall unfold its story within the artistic canvas of Larusi’s Kentish Town studio. Studio 18, housed within The Dove Centre at 109 Bartholomew Road, London NW5 2BJ, serves as the backdrop for this narrative of culture, craftsmanship, and timeless design. Prices for these one-of-a-kind rugs range from £950 to £5400, VAT excluded. An encounter with this collection is an immersion into the soulful history of nomads, woven into every thread and pattern.

In the grand tapestry of artistic expression, Larusi’s Tuareg rugs stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of craftsmanship and heritage. The London Design Festival is poised to witness the fusion of time-honoured tradition and contemporary appreciation – a true celebration of artistry that transcends boundaries.

Images: Michael Sinclair