Celebrate International Dog Day with Bespoke Pawtraits at Kimpton Fitzroy London

Nestled within the heart of Bloomsbury, Kimpton Fitzroy London, a renowned 5-star hotel, is setting the stage for an extraordinary celebration of our four-legged companions this August.

In honour of International Dog Day on the 26th, the hotel is curating an exceptional experience that promises to leave both guests and their furry friends with cherished memories.

Bespoke Pawtraits for Your Canine Companions

Kimpton Fitzroy London has woven a tapestry of warmth and indulgence for its guests, and their pets are no exception. Throughout the month of August, the hotel is extending an invitation to all pet owners, offering them a truly heartwarming treat – bespoke Pawtraits of their beloved canine companions.

Celebrate International Dog Day with Bespoke Pawtraits at Kimpton Fitzroy London

Partnering with the gifted London-based illustrator, Kitty Draws Dogs, Kimpton Fitzroy London is elevating the experience of celebrating your furry friend. Kitty’s artistic prowess is deeply rooted in her profound affection for dogs, and this sentiment is vividly brought to life through her exceptional drawings. With an exquisite eye for detail, she crafts each Pawtrait to encapsulate the distinctive personality of every furry companion.

Kitty Forbes, the visionary artist behind this unique initiative, shares her excitement: “Being a part of the International Dog Day celebration at Kimpton Fitzroy London is truly thrilling for me. Drawing dogs and immortalising their individual spirits through art is my genuine passion. Creating these Pawtraits is an exquisite way to craft enduring memories for both guests and their cherished pooches during their stay at the hotel. I am eagerly looking forward to contributing my artistry to this heartwarming experience!”

Celebrate International Dog Day with Bespoke Pawtraits at Kimpton Fitzroy London

Elevating the Experience: The Hound Hut Partnership

But that’s not all. Kimpton Fitzroy London has joined hands with The Hound Hut, a luxury dog-walking and daycare company, to provide a truly regal experience for your pets. By coordinating through the hotel’s dedicated concierge team, guests can explore the enchanting allure of Bloomsbury and its surroundings, secure in the knowledge that their furry companions are basking in the lap of luxury, receiving top-tier pampering and care from The Hound Hut.

Garreth Walsh, the General Manager of Kimpton Fitzroy London, shares his enthusiasm for these new experiences: “Collaborating with Kitty Draws Dogs and The Hound Hut to enhance the pet-friendly atmosphere at Kimpton Fitzroy London has been an exceptional journey. If your pet can stroll through our doors, they’re more than welcome here, with no additional charges. We’re confident that these fresh experiences will contribute to an idyllic stay for both pets and their devoted owners.”

Securing Your Pawtrait and Daycare: A Simple Guide

To embark on this delightful journey, securing a bespoke Pawtrait for your beloved canine is remarkably straightforward. All that’s required is to book a stay at Kimpton Fitzroy London and send a photograph of your furry companion along with your reservation number to the hotel at least 7 days before your planned stay.

It’s important to note that the availability of Kitty Draws Dogs, the mastermind behind these Pawtraits, dictates the scheduling of this extraordinary service. Meanwhile, the hotel’s dog walking and daycare service, in collaboration with The Hound Hut, is accessible through the concierge team.

Celebrate International Dog Day with Bespoke Pawtraits at Kimpton Fitzroy London

This premium service operates daily between 9 am and 6 pm, offering one, two, or three-hour walks, along with a comprehensive daycare option. Evening care is also available, commencing at 7 pm and spanning four hours. The costs associated with this exquisite service are separate from the standard stay fee.


In summation, the month of August at Kimpton Fitzroy London holds a remarkable promise for both guests and their loyal companions. With the bespoke Pawtraits capturing the very essence of your furry friend’s character and The Hound Hut’s luxurious care, the stage is set for an unforgettable experience. Seize this unique opportunity to celebrate your beloved pet, creating enduring memories that will forever echo through the halls of Kimpton Fitzroy London.