La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars recently unveiled the Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail, an awe-inspiring coach-built masterpiece that exudes an air of darkness and drama.

Revealed at an exclusive private event near Pebble Beach in California, this exceptional vehicle serves as a symbol of cherished experiences, significant moments, and exquisite objets d’art adored by its discerning owners. Representing a family that epitomizes luxury and connoisseurship, La Rose Noire Droptail is a testament to their refined taste and unparalleled luxury standards.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

The designers at Coachbuild aptly describe the family’s remarkable ability for tasteful curation, both within their residences and their impressive collection of motor cars and fashion icons, as an art form in itself.

Inspired by Elegance: The Black Baccara Rose

Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail draws inspiration from the captivating allure of the Black Baccara rose, a velvety and intense flower originating from France, cherished by the family behind the commission. The petals of this dark pomegranate-hued rose appear nearly black in shadow, yet they reveal a radiant, pearlescent crimson shimmer when exposed to direct light.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

This dynamic interplay of colours forms the primary palette of La Rose Noire Droptail. The initial red hue is aptly named ‘True Love’, paying homage to the romantic sentiment the client aimed to encapsulate. The deeper tone is christened ‘Mystery’, reflecting the enigmatic nature of the rose, which undergoes a colour metamorphosis when viewed from varying angles. This essence of true love and the allure of exploration and travel became the driving forces behind this exceptional commission.

Unveiling a Masterpiece: Exterior Elegance

The exterior coachwork is enveloped in the resplendent True Love red hue. Like the ever-changing Black Baccara rose, the motor car’s appearance alters depending on the viewer’s vantage point. Achieving this intricate variation demanded an innovative paint process developed through meticulous refinement over 150 iterations. A secret base coat serves as the foundation, followed by five layers of clear lacquer, each blended with a subtly distinct shade of red.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

The duotone motif extends to the brightwork of La Rose Noire Droptail. The Hydroshade finish, characterised by its fluid quality, was exclusively conceived for this project. This unique finish is not achieved through painting; rather, it involves introducing a specialised chrome electrolyte during the chrome plating process, resulting in a wafer-thin, reflective layer – akin to the width of a spider-web strand. This dark yet lustrous finish graces select metal elements within the interior, each meticulously hand-polished to attain a high-gloss lustre.

Convertible Excellence: A Versatile Roof

La Rose Noire Droptail’s removable hard top introduces two distinctive personas to the vehicle: roofless, it transforms into a lithe, open-top roadster; with the roof affixed, it evolves into a commanding and dramatic coupé. Tailored uniquely for La Rose Noire, the roof boasts an uncommonly low profile, further emphasised by an extended rake, elevating its assertive and glamorous character.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

A notable addition is an ingot engraved with the motor car’s name – an unprecedented touch for Rolls-Royce. The entirely Bespoke roof also incorporates an electrochromic glass section that, at the touch of a button, transitions to an almost translucent shade, inviting occupants to explore the celestial world above.

Intricate Details: Craftsmanship Elevates the Interior

The meticulous craftsmanship within La Rose Noire Droptail’s interior sets it apart. The design reflects an intricate representation of falling rose petals, brought to life through the arrangement of 1,603 black wood veneer triangles. This elaborate pattern features 1,070 perfectly symmetrical elements forming the backdrop, while 533 asymmetrical red pieces emulate the scattering of rose petals, as per the client’s request.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

Sourced from Black Sycamore wood found in France, each triangle is meticulously cut, sanded, and precisely positioned by hand. The interplay of light and dark grey hues is achieved naturally through the use of veneer from various logs, each with unique ‘figures’. Paint is solely employed to fashion the red pieces, and after a year of research, a new lacquer formula was developed to preserve this exquisite example of contemporary craftsmanship.

A Singular Timepiece: An Audemars Piguet Marvel

The fascia of Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail is adorned with an exclusive one-of-a-kind timepiece from Audemars Piguet, specially commissioned by the discerning owner. Powered by the distinctive self-winding Calibre 4407 movement, the 43mm Royal Oak Concept Split-Seconds Chronograph GMT Large Date showcases a flyback chronograph and split-seconds mechanism. Meticulously tailored to match La Rose Noire’s colour palette, the timepiece incorporates red counters and an inner bezel in a contrasting red hue, elegantly offsetting the black ‘open-worked’ dial accentuated with rhodium-toned bevels.

Integrating the timepiece proved to be a challenge, yet Rolls-Royce delivered ingeniously. It’s mountable within the motor car while also detachable for wearable use, accomplished through a powered clasp mechanism activated by a button.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce

With the timepiece removed, the fascia aperture is adorned with an elegant titanium open-worked blank head watch, featuring a white-gold coin engraved with a rose motif, meticulously crafted by Audemars Piguet artisans. Delicate rose engravings on the motor car’s Bespoke Audio speaker frets echo this design. Both elements are a testament to the meticulous handiwork of the Swiss brand’s atelier and serve as the sole tangible expressions of the Baccara Rose throughout the entire motor car.

A Toast to Excellence: A Celebratory Champagne

In celebration of their Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail, the owners commissioned an exclusive vintage of Champagne de Lossy, hailing from one of their cherished vineyards. The significance of this gesture is underscored by the rarity of the wine, as the Chateau has only produced a handful of vintages over its 160-year history.

As a fitting complement, a bespoke Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest was commissioned, adorned with matching rose petal parquetry, meticulously synchronised with the motor car’s materials and colour palette. A reflection of the same meticulous attention lavished upon the coach-built Rolls-Royce.

This remarkable motor car stands as a romantic homage to the couple behind its creation, marked by a passionate spirit and a ceaseless pursuit of meaningful experiences. In commissioning this unparalleled rendition of Droptail, this extraordinary family has not only shaped their personal legacy but also etched their names into the annals of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ legend.

La Rose Noire: A Dark Masterpiece by Rolls-Royce


In the annals of Rolls-Royce history, La Rose Noire Droptail will forever remain a testament to opulence, sophistication, and the artistry of human creativity. This coach-built masterpiece transcends the realm of automobiles, standing as a symphony of design, passion, and refinement. From its captivating exterior, adorned with the allure of the Black Baccara rose, to its meticulously crafted interior that envelops occupants in an abstract expression of falling petals, every element tells a story of devotion to craftsmanship.

La Rose Noire Droptail is a bridge between past and present, a vessel for dreams and aspirations, and a homage to timeless elegance. Its bespoke details, such as the integrated timepiece and the celebratory Champagne de Lossy, further enrich its narrative, symbolising the pursuit of the extraordinary in every facet of life.

As this remarkable motor car takes its place within the Rolls-Royce legacy, it redefines what is possible in the world of luxury and bespoke automotive design. La Rose Noire Droptail not only captures the imagination of those who encounter it but also immortalises the vision of the clients who inspired its creation. With each journey it undertakes, this automotive masterpiece embodies the essence of distinction and the pursuit of the extraordinary, forever etching its presence in the story of Rolls-Royce.

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