Lamborghini Marks 60 Years with Limited-Edition Huracáns

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Lamborghini is introducing a limited-edition collection of its Huracán STO, Huracán Tecnica, and Huracán EVO Spyder models.

Each model will have 60 units available, and they will be unveiled on April 21st at a special event during Milan Design Week. These exclusive editions of Lamborghini’s V10 range will redefine the brand’s heritage by showcasing trendsetting colours and dedicated liveries that enhance each model’s spirit and unique lines.

Unique Features of the Limited-Edition Huracáns

The Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) is the pinnacle of the Huracán family’s performance, boasting a naturally aspirated 640 hp V10 engine. The 60th Anniversary Edition of this model will come in two versions, both inspired by the idea of high-performance athletic sportswear or team colours using tone-on-tone hues.

Lamborghini Marks 60 Years with Limited-Edition Huracáns

The first version features shades of blue, while the second features Grigio Telesto (grey) and Nero Noctis (black). Both versions have the 60th-anniversary logo embroidered on the seat and 20” forged aluminium Hek rims with a matte black finish.

The Huracán Tecnica is the most versatile variant in the range, ideal for both the road and the track. The 60 units available can be configured in two versions, both drawing on motorsport inspiration and incorporating the colours of the Italian Tricolore flag in a sophisticated way.

The first version features bodywork in Grigio Telesto (grey) featuring details in Nero Noctis (black) and Rosso Mars (red), while the second version has Bianco Asopo (white) bodywork enhanced by lines in Verde Viper (green). Both versions are equipped with 20” Damiso shiny black rims.

The EVO Spyder is the most lifestyle-oriented of the Huracán range, combining top-of-the-line performance with a refined character and open-air architecture. The edition dedicated to the 60th anniversary can be configured with bodywork in Blu Le Mans with contrasting Bianco Isi (white) details.

Alternatively, it can come in Verde Viper combined with Bianco Isi, with the interior upholstered in Nero Ade Alcantara combined with Rosso Alala and Bianco Leda. Both versions come with 20” Damiso shiny black rims.

Exclusive Unveiling Event

The unveiling of the limited-edition Huracáns is scheduled for Friday, April 21 at the Segheria in Milan. This exhibition space will also host the first European appearance outside Sant’Agata Bolognese of the new Lamborghini Revuelto, following its worldwide launch last month.

Lamborghini Marks 60 Years with Limited-Edition Huracáns

The event is part of Lamborghini’s slate of international 60th-anniversary celebrations, which began in January with the inauguration of the renovated Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese through the exhibition “The Future Began In 1963”.

Lamborghini Day Japan – 60th Anniversary was held in Suzuka, while Lamborghini Day UK – 60th Anniversary is scheduled for April 29 at Silverstone. The “60th Anniversary Giro” tour will be held in Italy on May 24, ending on May 28 in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna with a Concours d’Elegance open to the public, where over 150 Lamborghinis are expected to participate.


Lamborghini’s limited-edition Huracán models mark the automaker’s 60th anniversary, highlighting its continued dedication to pushing the limits of automotive engineering.

The unique liveries and colour combinations showcased in these limited editions add a special touch to the already impressive V10 range. With only 60 units available for each model, these cars are sure to become highly sought after among car collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The upcoming unveiling event during Milan Design Week will undoubtedly be an exciting moment for the automotive world, and we can’t wait to see these special edition-Huracáns hit the road.