Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Lamborghini Ad Personam Experience

In a world where personalization is the pinnacle of luxury, the Automobili Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Nestled in the heart of Sant’Agata Bolognese, this bespoke haven for automotive enthusiasts has recently undergone a significant expansion, doubling its footprint to a sprawling 180 square meters. This expansion is not merely a spatial upgrade; it represents a seamless fusion of the physical and digital realms, empowering Lamborghini’s patrons to craft their dream cars with unparalleled precision and exclusivity.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Lamborghini Ad Personam Experience

A Passion for Personalization

Federico Foschini, the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Automobili Lamborghini, is effusive in his praise for the Ad Personam program. He explains, “The Ad Personam program is a project we’ve worked hard on and which we’ve pursued with great conviction. It is a testament of the attention to detail and needs that customers have always recognized and appreciated in Lamborghini. Through the Ad Personam Studio, we offer customers a one-off experience, with the opportunity to personalize their car down to the smallest detail, making it unique.”

Since its inception in 2016, the Ad Personam Studio has become synonymous with personalization par excellence. The recent expansion of this bespoke haven not only augments its physical space but also enhances the overall quality of the customer experience. It now boasts a ‘phygital’ environment, seamlessly bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds. Customers can immerse themselves fully, engaging all their senses. They can touch and feel upholstery materials, listen to the melodic engine notes through upgraded audio equipment, and feast their eyes on exclusive multimedia content via a special powerwall.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Lamborghini Ad Personam Experience

Personalization Journey

The Ad Personam experience begins with a consultation with one of Lamborghini’s dealers worldwide, where customers outline the general characteristics of their dream car. The journey continues with a visit to the Ad Personam Studio in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where an array of choices and inspiration await, drawn from the vibrant production lines.

The newly renovated studio serves as a showcase for all available Lamborghini options. From the more linear “Ad Personam essential” configurations, which expand the vehicle’s Color & Trim offering, to “One Shot” customization, based on customer preferences or the use of exclusive materials – the options are boundless. The choice of colours, treatment of external elements, and interior materials, from leather to thread for stitching and embroidery, seat belts, and interior fittings, are fully customizable.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Lamborghini Ad Personam Experience

At the heart of the studio, a revolving platform proudly displays all the vehicle’s details. The colour choices for bodywork, wheels, callipers, logos, exhaust tailpipes, and interior materials are all opportunities for personalisation. The upholstery department, a bastion of innovation and craftsmanship, ensures these customization options are impeccably executed.

Global Accessibility

Customers have the freedom to make these choices at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, the quintessential site for the Ad Personam experience. Alternatively, Lamborghini offers the Ad Personam experience at two international lounges in New York and Tokyo, as well as temporary lounges set up during Lamborghini’s major events.

For those who prefer a digital experience, the Ad Personam Virtual Studio provides an innovative solution. After an initial digital meeting with a dealer, customers are connected with a Studio manager in Sant’Agata Bolognese to begin the actual configuration. This virtual journey allows customers to witness the real-time transformation of their dream car.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Lamborghini Ad Personam Experience

A Glimpse into the Future

As Marco Valentini, Head of the Ad Personam Team, enthuses, “The new Studio allows our customers to fully enjoy the configuration experience and see their dream take shape and colour.” With 400 different shades showcased in the Studio, it’s evident that the Ad Personam program is a labour of love.

The program’s growth is evident, with almost 100% of Revuelto cars now featuring at least one Ad Personam element, followed closely by the Huracán and Urus, both boasting more than 80% customization rates. The Ad Personam program is poised for continuous expansion, with a future focus on the Urus, promising even more interior personalization options to fulfil every customer’s unique desires.

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