Lamborghini Esperienza Giro “Journey into the Vast”

Unparalleled expedition of 42 Lamborghinis through the North West of China.

Lamborghini China launched the Esperienza China Giro “Journey into the Vast”, an unparalleled expedition of 42 Lamborghini cars across the majestic northwestern region in China, travelling more than 800 kilometres through the vast lands of Ningxia and Gansu.

Lamborghini Esperienza Giro “Journey into the Vast”

During the five-day journey, a fleet of 42 Lamborghini super sports cars and super SUVs departed from Yinchuan and drove through the colossal Helan mountain range that stands tall and magnificent with distinct peaks and valleys, experiencing local culture and beliefs with blessings at the Fuyin Temple. The fleet then came to the expansive desert as the tranquil red light of the setting sun fell on the Yellow River and the stars started to shine in the darkening skies and drove along the stunning Route 66 of Zhongwei to reach the quaint ancient villages of Beichangtan.

Finally, the fleet came to the Tonghu Grassland with its unique beauty of desert, lake and oasis; and then visited the Lanzhou Danxia Geological Park to enjoy the precious sight of the red bed of Danxia against the blue skies and steep cliffs. In the Tengger Desert, the Lamborghini Urus showcased its powerful super SUV off-road abilities. In Sabbia (sand) mode the Urus, featuring active torque vectoring, guaranteed the agility and precision on sand dunes with reduced grip, perfectly interpreting the fun of off-road driving in the vast sea of sand.

The event also included a luxurious Lamborghini night in the depths of the desert. Guests enjoyed a stay in the Desert Star Hotel that beautifully integrates regional and modern design elements, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the desert’s green oasis, starry skies, and rustling sand.

For seven years since 2015, the Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China has become an iconic annual event of the Lamborghini brand, bringing Chinese customers an exclusive and extraordinary driving experience in an exploration of China’s spectacular landscapes.



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