Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Lamborghini recently announced that in a thrilling spectacle at the Nürburgring, Gilles Stadsbader and Mattia Michelotto of VS Racing clinched their third Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe victory this season.

The duo’s spectacular performance in the opening 50-minute race saw them dominate the Pro standings, reclaiming the lead. Notably, 17-year-old Ibrahim Badawy made history by becoming the first Egyptian ever to secure a race win in the Am category.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Stadsbader and Michelotto Reign Supreme in Pro Category

Following a solid qualifying session, Michelotto earned a crucial point for pole position and translated it into a flawless lights-to-flag victory. Despite intense pressure from Brendon Leitch of Leipert Motorsport, Michelotto held his ground and secured the top spot.

Meanwhile, Target Racing’s Frederik Schandorff and Alex Au emerged victorious in a thrilling Pro-Am race. At the same time, Paolo Biglieri and Petar Matić of Bonaldi Motorsport claimed the Lamborghini Cup class title. Michelotto showcased his prowess from the rolling start, retaining his lead while Pro-Am polesitter Schandorff fiercely defended his position from BDR Competition’s Amaury Bonduel.

The opening laps witnessed Edoardo Liberati of Brutal Fish Racing making impressive strides, moving up to fourth place. Meanwhile, Leitch successfully overtook Target Racing’s Largim Ali to advance his position. Japanese-British driver Dougie Bolger joined the Pro category but faced an early setback with a regulation drive-through penalty due to category changes. Nonetheless, Bolger fought on and secured a commendable 22nd position.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Michelotto and Schandorff Lead the Pack

As the race progressed, Michelotto pushed to widen the gap between him and the chasing pack. Schandorff, in the Pro-Am category, aimed to create a substantial margin for his teammate, Alex Au, before the pit window closed. However, Bonduel, the closest Pro challenger, struggled initially and fell behind Liberati in the Pro-Am entry.

Starting from seventh on the grid, Leitch made remarkable progress, overtaking CMR entry’s Loris Cabirou and entering the pits for his mandatory stop. His impressive laps after the pit stop enabled him to leapfrog Bonduel and secure the second position in the Pro class, closely chasing Stadsbader, who had taken over from Michelotto.

Leitch narrowed the gap to less than six seconds, but a costly mistake at turn four cost him valuable time. Despite passing Au for the second overall position, Leitch fell just short at the finish line. On the other hand, Bonduel secured the final step on the podium in third place, with Ali and Oliver Söderström claiming fourth place.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Marzio Moretti and Sebastian Balthasar of the Oregon Team achieved an impressive sixth overall and fifth in Pro. Rebelleo Motorsport’s Daan Arrow and Abbie Eaton took eighth place, while Yury Wagner and Patrik Matthiesen of Leipert Motorsport celebrated their best finish of the 2023 season, securing ninth place.

Intense Battle for Pro-Am Podium

In the Pro-Am category, Schandorff and Au faced fierce competition from multiple crews throughout the season. Martin Ryba, taking over from Liberati, initially kept Target Racing’s car within reach before facing pressure from Micánek Motorsport’s Bronislav Formánek (who replaced Karol Basz).

The battle intensified and resulted in contact at the chicane during the closing stages. Formánek received a 10-second penalty for causing the collision, allowing Iron Lynx’s Nigel Schoonderwoerd and Yelmer Buurman to secure second place in the Pro-Am category. Emanuele Zonzini and Emanuel Colombini of Iron Lynx claimed third place after overcoming a tough challenge from Loris Spinelli and Andrzej Lewandowski of VS Racing.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Historic Victory for Ibrahim Badawy

The highlight of the event was the historic triumph of Lamborghini Roma by DL Racing’s Ibrahim Badawy in the Am category. As the first Egyptian driver to win a race in Super Trofeo, Badawy showcased exceptional talent.

He assumed the lead in the second half of the race, capitalizing on points leader Gabriel Rindone’s delay caused by Iron Lynx’s Marc Rostan, who spun out of the lead at the chicane. Despite Rindone’s efforts to regain the lead, Badawy’s relentless drive secured him a well-deserved victory. Grzegorz Moczulski of GT3 Poland achieved an impressive second place, while Renaud Kuppens and Pierre Feligioni of Boutsen VDS secured third place.

Lamborghini Cup Thriller

In the Lamborghini Cup, Bonaldi Motorsport’s Paolo Biglieri and Petar Matić engaged in a captivating duel with Leipert Motorsport’s Jürgen Krebs throughout the race. Biglieri took the pole position and maintained his lead, while Krebs eventually secured second place, with just a quarter of a second separating them. Keats, taking over from Martin, faced setbacks, allowing Iron Lynx’s Donovan and Luciano Privitelio to claim the final podium spot.

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe: A Historic Win at Nürburgring

Mattia Michelotto (VS Racing) said post-race: “We only missed the fastest lap to take it all. Apart from a bit of initial understeer that then turned into oversteer, everything went quite well. Even Gilles did a great job, considering that it was his first time here at the Nürburgring. Now we are also first in the points, and tomorrow there is another race to compete in.”

Team-mate Gilles Stadsbader (VS Racing) added: “This was a really good for us, we managed to extend our lead in the championship which is the main thing. And now we have to try and maximise the weekend tomorrow from P15. I had to push as hard as possible, because Brendon was coming quite fast, and the tyre degradation was not so easy in the last laps. I saw Brendon in my mirrors, but I was far enough ahead thankfully.”


The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe at Nürburgring delivered breathtaking action, with Stadsbader and Michelotto shining in the Pro category and Ibrahim Badawy making history in the Am category. The thrilling battles and historic moments are a testament to the skill and determination of these remarkable drivers. As the weekend concludes with the second 50-minute race, fans eagerly anticipate another thrilling spectacle. Live streaming will be available on the Lamborghini Squadra Corse YouTube channel and Facebook page, ensuring fans can witness the excitement firsthand.