Lauren Cher’s Guide On How To Flourish During Lockdown

UK-based life coach Lauren Cher shares with us her guide, tips and tricks on how to not just survive but how to flourish during lockdown.

The past six months have been an unfamiliar time for us all, adapting to a new lifestyle and I’m sure experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. After making all of the necessary practical changes in our lives, it’s important not to forget our mindset and mental health.

The lockdown and restrictions are something we have never experienced before and has helped us to realise the amazing things we maybe once took for granted. Extra time with our loved ones, exciting travel plans and the privilege of going to work every day.

Uncertain and challenging experiences can lead to worry and anxiety, although this is a perfect opportunity to take some time out for yourself and work on the dreams you have always wanted to achieve. It’s a time to really tune into your body, mind and soul.

By taking time out to do this, you can expect transformational results.

Lauren Cher's Guide On How To Flourish During Lockdown
Life Coach Lauren Cher has helped more than a 1 000 women from all backgrounds to achieve their goals.

From my own personal experience, to make these changes it all starts with your mindset. With such busy lifestyles, we rarely get the chance to truly live in the present moment and notice our thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety can appear as a result of not knowing what the outcome of something may be, the memory of trauma or finding ourselves in an uncertain situation.

In these times of emotional, financial and social change,  it is important to prioritise our mental health. By mastering your mindset this will allow you to move forward into the new year with a positive outlook on life and a clear vision towards your dream goals.

To gain control of your mind and emotions whilst overcoming any anxiety I would recommend including some mindfulness practises into your daily routine.

Such as :

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Journaling is a fantastic way to get your thoughts down on paper and read them out loud to yourself. This will help to clarify and make sense of your feelings. Noting down your emotions and keeping a daily/weekly track will help you to notice any significant patterns and triggers.

This will help you to feel more in control of your mindset and realise what works for you.

Following a guided meditation or creating your own calming visualisation can improve your mental focus and limit any unwanted thoughts.

Regular meditative practice can help you become aware of your breathing and senses which is a great way to stay in the moment and not get swept up anxiety or self-sabotage.

Exercise is an extremely effective way to boost your mood and instantly feel good. Whether it’s dancing around the room to your favourite songs or talking a walk in nature, getting physical is great for the mind!

Yoga is top of the list for me when it comes to relaxing and tuning into myself. It’s a great way of maintaining your fitness whilst clearing the mind and focusing on your breathing.

Lauren Cher's Guide On How To Flourish During Lockdown

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Lauren Cher Life Coach

Lauren Cher is a life coach with over a decade of experience as a teacher/ mentor. Having helped more than 1,000 women from all backgrounds to achieve their goals, she is passionate about seeing others succeed with confidence. Lauren has experience delivering workshops and speaking at large events across the UK. She is a coordinator and exercise instructor at well-being conferences aimed at women in the BAME community. Lauren’s programmes include mindfulness and meditation alongside fitness and career goal setting. Tv fitness credits include Adidas and New balance.