Sensational Nightlife: Lío London Presents ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties

Lío London, the epitome of Mediterranean-inspired indulgence, recently announced a resounding encore for its second season.

Step into a realm of allure and enchantment as the new experience, ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties’, takes centre stage. This amalgamation of provocative choreography, melodious performances, and witty acts promises an unforgettable evening.

Sensational Nightlife: Lío London Presents 'Besos, Beats and Beauties

Embellished with a touch of Ibizan allure, the evening not only captivates the senses but also tantalises the taste buds with its sumptuous Mediterranean fare. Expect to be taken on a journey through ‘Besos Beats and Beauties’, a narrative that celebrates life, love, and the pursuit of pleasure.

A Feast for the Senses

Lío London’s inaugural season left an indelible mark on London’s nightlife scene, welcoming luminaries like Idris Elba, Mollie King, and Kimberley Wyatt. This season, the historic Café de Paris venue, infused with an air of nostalgia, once again reclaims its status as a beacon of entertainment. The stage is set for a mesmerising showcase of artists, acrobats, singers, and dancers. The very essence of London’s nights comes alive as the spotlight graces their remarkable performances.

Sensational Nightlife: Lío London Presents 'Besos, Beats and Beauties

Mark your calendars for the grand reopening night on the 15th of September. Renowned DJ and visionary behind the Paradise global event series, Jamie Jones, will grace the turntables, accompanied by Antares (Konflict) and The Menendez Brothers. An exclusive club night preview awaits, commencing at 11.30 pm, promising an electrifying fusion of beats, rhythms, and palpable energy.

Culinary Artistry

Underpinning the pulsating energy of ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties’, Chef Attila Kalanyos, formerly of Kensington Palace, curates an exquisite Mediterranean menu. The selection, as diverse as the Mediterranean itself, entices diners with an array of delectable dishes. An exploration of flavours, textures, and aromas awaits, a harmonious echo of the immersive experience itself.

Sensational Nightlife: Lío London Presents 'Besos, Beats and Beauties

Complementing the epicurean journey, Lío London presents a revamped cocktail menu. Designed by resident mixologist George Tsoukas, each concoction is a symphony of tastes and an ode to the ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties’ theme. Indulge in the richness of whisky, the effervescence of champagne, or the delightful interplay of sweet and citrusy notes. Not to be missed is the signature ‘Billionaire’s Kiss’, a fusion of Johnny Walker Blue with hints of hazelnut and coffee—a fitting conclusion to a sumptuous meal.

In the Words of the Visionary

Sensational Nightlife: Lío London Presents 'Besos, Beats and Beauties

Reflecting on the anticipation surrounding Lío London’s second season, CEO Sanjay Nandi shares, “The summer has been devoted to crafting a world-class nightlife encounter, and with ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties’, Lío London returns stronger than ever. The show exudes allure and spectacle, perfectly complementing the Mediterranean-inspired creations by Chef Attila Kalanyos. An extraordinary cocktail selection completes the experience. Lío London promises memories that linger, and we eagerly await the arrival of our guests in September.”

Embrace the enchantment, embrace the Mediterranean spirit, and embark on a journey through ‘Besos, Beats and Beauties’. Lío London invites you to partake in an evening that transcends the ordinary, promising an encounter where beauty, rhythm, and flavour converge.

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