London’s Iconic ‘Spirits of Christmas’ Lights Up

Starting November 9, 2023, ‘The Spirits of Christmas’ will once again shimmer over Regent Street and St James’s, with fresh illuminations adorning Glasshouse Street, Quadrant Arcade, St James’s Market, and Swallow Street.

Designed by renowned British lighting creatives, James Glancy Design, this year’s display, running from the 9th of November, promises to outshine its predecessors with a breathtaking canopy of glistening lights, featuring over 50 large-scale ‘spirits.’

These enchanting illuminations will grace not only Regent Street and St. James’s but also extend their radiance to Piccadilly, Jermyn Street, and St. James’s Market.

London's Iconic 'Spirits of Christmas' Lights Up

Furthermore, for the first time ever, new lights will adorn additional locations across Regent Street and St. James’s, including Glasshouse Street, Quadrant Arcade, St. James’s Market, and Swallow Street.

Elevating the Festive Atmosphere

The brand-new illuminations, also crafted by the visionary James Glancy, have been meticulously designed to enhance the existing scheme, bringing a touch of festive magic to more of central London than ever before.

These awe-inspiring lights promise to envelop the city in a warm and welcoming glow, creating an enchanting atmosphere that is sure to captivate visitors and locals alike.

London's Iconic 'Spirits of Christmas' Lights Up

In an effort to spread the festive cheer far and wide, Regent Street and St. James’s have chosen to expand their display.

This year, in addition to their traditional locations, the illuminations will also grace Glasshouse Street, Quadrant Arcade, St. James’s Market, and Swallow Street.

This expansion ensures that more areas of central London will be adorned with the spirit of Christmas, providing an even more magical experience for everyone.

An Eco-Friendly Marvel

Powered by green energy, this remarkable lighting scheme consists of over 300,000 low-energy LED bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs are programmed to operate on a timer, conserving energy during daylight hours and illuminating the city overnight.

This environmentally conscious approach aligns perfectly with the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible energy consumption.

London's Iconic 'Spirits of Christmas' Lights Up

Regent Street has a storied history of hosting spectacular festive lights displays. In 1954, it became the first central London destination to introduce festive lights and decorations for the public’s enjoyment.

Over the decades, these lights have evolved, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe who seek to catch a glimpse of this iconic part of London during the holiday season.

While there won’t be a physical large-scale switch-on event this year, the lights will come to life from the early evening onwards, offering a free festive attraction that all can enjoy and celebrate.


As ‘The Spirits of Christmas‘ take flight over Regent Street and St. James’s, Londoners and visitors alike can anticipate a festive season that promises to be more enchanting and inclusive than ever before.

With an expanded display, eco-friendly lighting, and a rich history of tradition, this year’s illuminations are poised to outshine the competition and illuminate the hearts of those who gather to witness their brilliance.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, 9th November, when London’s most recognizable festival lights will once again light up the city and usher in the magic of Christmas.

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