Louis Restaurant and Musical Venue Set to Transform Manchester’s Dining Scene

Louis, the latest venture from the Permanently Unique Group (PUG), is poised to revolutionize Manchester’s dining and entertainment landscape.

With a track record for crafting unforgettable experiences, PUG’s newest project promises to deliver a unique fusion of fine dining and live performances. Set to debut in autumn 2024, Louis represents the culmination of three years of meticulous planning and creative vision.

A Tribute to Classic New York Dining

At the heart of Louis lies a homage to the timeless charm of New York’s classic restaurants, immortalized in cinema as havens of hospitality and culinary excellence.

Drawing inspiration from these iconic establishments, Louis aims to recreate the warmth and intimacy of a bygone era, where guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of refined elegance. Here, patrons can expect to be greeted by sumptuous cuisine, expertly crafted cocktails, and the melodic strains of live music.

Executive Chef Ippokratis Anagnostelis: A Culinary Maestro

Leading the culinary team at Louis is Executive Chef Ippokratis Anagnostelis, renowned for his innovative approach to gastronomy. With the success of FENIX under his belt, Chef Anagnostelis brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Louis Restaurant and Musical Venue Set to Transform Manchester's Dining Scene

At Louis, he unveils a menu that pays homage to the rich tapestry of Italian American cuisine, infused with Mediterranean influences. Expect a curated selection of classic dishes prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients, including handmade fresh pasta crafted in-house.

Complementing the culinary delights at Louis is a meticulously curated drinks programme, spearheaded by Head of Beverage, Will Meredith. Drawing inspiration from the golden age of American cocktails, Meredith has crafted a selection of 12 signature drinks that celebrate the art of mixology.

From timeless classics to innovative creations, each libation is designed to elevate the dining experience and tantalize the taste buds.

Experience Louis: Where Culinary Excellence Meets Musical Brilliance

As a city renowned for its vibrant music scene, Louis pays homage to Manchester’s rich musical heritage by showcasing a diverse lineup of emerging talent. From soulful crooners to virtuoso instrumentalists, each performance promises to captivate audiences and evoke the spirit of the city.

With a tiered design centred around the main stage, Louis offers guests the best seat in the house to enjoy an evening of unforgettable entertainment.

Louis will operate as a dinner-only venue, open five nights a week, with a strict reservation-only policy. Embracing the ethos of yesteryear, the restaurant encourages patrons to immerse themselves fully in the moment, with a no-photos policy that prioritizes lived experience over digital documentation.

By fostering an intimate and exclusive atmosphere, Louis seeks to ensure the privacy and enjoyment of its discerning clientele.

Louis is set to make its mark on Manchester’s culinary and cultural landscape, offering a unique fusion of exceptional cuisine and live entertainment. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and guest satisfaction, Louis promises to be a destination unlike any other.

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic and melodic journey like no other when Louis opens its doors in autumn 2024.

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