Romantic Golf Weddings: A Tee-rific Love Story at Laguna Lang Co

Laguna Lang Co, a sprawling integrated project nestled in the heart of Vietnam, is redefining the concept of dream weddings by introducing a unique package that lets golf-loving couples say their vows right on the course.

While some may jest about the similarities between successful marriages and a passion for golf, both endeavours share a common theme of challenges, rewards, and perseverance.

Laguna Lang Co takes this analogy to a new level, offering couples the chance to exchange their vows on the renowned Sir Nick Faldo Signature Design course, distinguished as one of Asia’s premier golfing destinations.

An Elegant Venue in Nature’s Embrace

Director of Golf at Laguna Golf Lang Co, Stephen Banks, describes the allure of their golf course for weddings, saying, “Golf courses exude elegance and luxury with their impeccably manicured greens and vibrant landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop for outdoor garden ceremonies.” The course itself boasts a unique blend of landscapes, encompassing everything from pristine beaches to serene rice paddies and lush jungle-clad mountains. This scenic diversity makes it the ultimate setting for celebrating love.

Central Vietnam is a place where ancient traditions seamlessly merge with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. The lush landscapes, tranquil beaches, and rich culture create an enchanting atmosphere perfect for couples. Iconic attractions such as the Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills, located near the Ba Na Hills Golf Club, encapsulate this charm, suspended in ethereal beauty, symbolizing the eternal connection of love amidst the region’s stunning vistas.

Romantic Golf Weddings: A Tee-rific Love Story at Laguna Lang Co

The Laguna Golf Lang Co Wedding Package

For couples looking to capitalise on the romantic promise of the region, the Laguna Golf Lang Co wedding package, offers a comprehensive experience. This package includes a sumptuous buffet dinner, elegantly decorated gallery tables adorned with flowers and candles, a professional MC, premium sparkling wine, souvenir gifts for all guests, and a wedding guest signature book.

After the celebration, honeymooners can choose from a plethora of accommodation options. They can opt for the award-winning resorts Banyan Tree Lang Co and Angsana Lang Co, or indulge in the charm of Laguna Parkside, a collection of chic villas lining the 18th fairway of the golf course.

Stephen Banks assures couples, saying, “Everything is taken care of. Couples and their guests can relax in the knowledge that their special day will run smoothly and live long in the memory.”

Romantic Golf Weddings: A Tee-rific Love Story at Laguna Lang Co


Laguna Lang Co’s innovative wedding package transcends the ordinary, providing golf-loving couples with an extraordinary setting to embark on their lifelong journey together. With the backdrop of the Sir Nick Faldo Signature Design course, couples can celebrate their love amidst breathtaking landscapes, capturing the essence of elegance and natural beauty.

Central Vietnam’s romantic allure further enhances the experience, offering a rich tapestry of traditions and serene landscapes.

The all-inclusive wedding package, complete with a sumptuous dinner and luxurious amenities, ensures that every detail is impeccably taken care of.

Whether exchanging vows or embarking on a honeymoon, Laguna Lang Co promises a memorable and seamless experience. Make your love story a captivating one at this enchanting destination.

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