Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti

Exquisite. Elegant. Stylish. The holiday gift guide elevates the Bugatti lifestyle experience.

From a modern timepiece to a Rembrandt-inspired limited-edition sculpted ‘Dancing Elephant’ and the world’s first smartwatch made with a complete carbon fibre shell – Bugatti unveils a selection of gifts that span the spheres of luxury, fine art, high-tech and innovation.

Lalique Crystal ‘Dancing Elephant’

Bugatti craftsmanship, precision engineering and elegance have long been associated with the ‘Dancing Elephant’ by Rembrandt adorning the hood of the iconic Type 41 Royale. Using this backdrop as inspiration, Lalique has created its take on this iconic sculpture, which is available in clear, black, amber and blue crystal. Each piece of this limited-edition run is meticulously handcrafted, numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti


The Bugatti ‘Grande Illusion Chiron’

The Bugatti ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy is perfectly embodied in an exquisite and secure multifunction safe that is majestically crowned by a Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock. Available in assorted sizes and colours, the BUBEN&ZORWEG for Bugatti ‘Grande Illusion Chiron’ weighs 215 kg and features technologies that allow it to be shielded from radio waves and can be unlocked via a biometric fingerprint sensor or a secure transponder chip.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti


ƎB.03 Vintage Champagne

The time to celebrate – be that a personal and intimate moment with a loved one or being at a larger social gathering with friends – is always special. Launched by Bugatti partner Champagne Carbon, every celebratory occasion is elevated with a glass of ƎB.03, an exquisite 2013 Blanc de Blancs vintage that is housed in a stunning bottle featuring the blue and black carbon fibre dual tone and the Bugatti Bolide’s characteristic front- and rear-design ‘X’ element.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti


‘Jean Bugatti’ Timepiece

Bugatti has always maintained a sense of time throughout the design of its legendary and timeless automobiles. This vision has inspired the creation of the ‘Jean Bugatti’ watch, the latest timepiece to be born out of the partnership between Jacob & Co. and Bugatti. The ‘Jean Bugatti’ is a fitting tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s eldest son, Jean, a hugely talented designer. The vivid metal blue dial of this latest timepiece is fitted with white gold appliques to create a sense of depth, texture and a plush finish under the domed sapphire crystal.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti


‘Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition’ Smartwatch

Channelling a sense of time is the exclusive ‘Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition’ – the world’s first smartwatch to be constructed with a full carbon fibre housing. Produced by VIITA and finished with highlights of blue shading, the carbon fibre elements of the smartwatch are milled from one solid block. The battery features state-of-the-art technology offering a 540 mAh capacity, allowing it to run for up to 15 days on one charge.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti


‘UYN For Bugatti’

Created to be the ideal urban adventure shoe, the ‘UYN for Bugatti’ blends exceptional performance with outstanding comfort. Developed with Natex bio-based fibre and a patented air dual ventilation system, the ‘UYN for Bugatti’ guarantees the optimal micro-climate for the foot. The ultra-light shoe is offered in black, blue and grey models.

Exclusive And Luxurious Gift Selection By Bugatti



Founded in 1909, the French car manufacturer Automobiles Ettore Bugatti has established its name as one of the top names within the world of high-performance automobiles. Having cemented its reputation as "the brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovations in the world of super sports cars."