Luxury Children’s Furniture – The New BooBoo Swing Sofa

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A child’s imagination is far more powerful than any smart tablet or computer. Keeping our children happy and entertained is not only essential for their development, as parents, it also gives us a great deal of satisfaction and helps us to enjoy a little peace and quiet at the same time. But just how do we go about keeping our children happy and entertained for more than 2 seconds at a time? Well, to entertain a child, you have to think like a child and to do so luxury children’s furniture, usually, is not the first thing that springs to mind.


Ever noticed how when you head to parks and playgrounds there are always children being pushed on swings by their parents and they look to be having the time of their lives! As adults, we can appreciate the excitement that a good swing has to offer, but as a kid? Well, let’s just say that the average child would still much rather spend hours on a swing than downloading apps and playing games on their parent’s smartphone or tablet. As children, most of us were urged inside by our parents as the sun went down and as such the fun had to be left outdoors. The new BooBoo luxury swing combines the unique excitement and lull that only a swing can give with luxury home decor. Circu’s head designer, Andre Oliveira stated:

“CIRCU inspires in what children love the most, the trends are dictated by the most emblematic animation films and videogames. They key is to bring to reality, a revival of the fantasy world.”

Luxury Children's Furniture

The BooBoo swing sofa is the ultimate in comfort, style and most importantly, makes luxury children’s furniture fun! Taking inspiration from the classic Lewis Carrol Novel Alice in Wonderland, the BooBoo swing sofa is like nothing you, nor your child, will have ever seen before. Built by CIRCU, they have taken home décor and luxury children’s furniture to a stylish new dimension. This sofa is both enjoyable and prictal, yet luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. Because of it’s neutral colours and flawless design, the BooBoo Swing Sofa will effortlessly blend into any theme or colour scheme. This makes it the perfect addition to any kid’s bedroom.

Luxury Children's Furniture
Luxury Children's Furniture

The BooBoo Swing Sofa gently swings and rocks your children, helping them to have fun while encouraging them to relax and drift off into the land of nod as you read them their bedtime stories. Made from reinforced stainless steel and aluminium, the frame is built to withstand huge amounts of ‘punishment’, meaning you get peace of mind knowing that your children are safe and secure. The synthetic leather and velvet upholstery give it a luxurious feel, while again, promoting comfort and relaxation.

Luxury Children's Furniture
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