Make a Splash With These Outstanding Wedding Shower Gifts

Wedding showers are a time of excitement and happiness. It’s the perfect opportunity for friends to come together and celebrate the upcoming nuptials in the spirit of support and encouragement. While there may be many opportunities to “shower” the bride and groom with gifts, a wedding shower gift should come from the heart and be met with an “Ah, thank you!”

In the past, wedding showers were predominantly female-oriented. They were for the bride-to-be, and the invited guests were female family members and friends. These days, the popularity of co-ed wedding showers is gaining strength and with good reason, it takes two to get married, of course!

Personalized Creations

Pre-wedding day and the wedding after, are “honeymoon” bliss for the couple, and virtually any item that boasts their name or their names together will be a huge hit.

  • Towels, bathrobes, and other textiles beg for ‘his and hers’ type engraving
  • Entertainment items like beverage tubs, coasters, wine glasses, and trays
  • Kitchen elements such as serving bowls, cutting boards,  platters, and wine racks
  • Wall hangings such as framed prints, signs, and canvases
  • Visa Gift Cards, purchased online can be customized with a personal photo and creative text

Cookbooks For Couples

Make a Splash With These Outstanding Wedding Shower Gifts
The Newlywed Cookbook – by Sarah Copeland.

Who said cooking has to be a chore? Get the happy two-some a cookbook for couples and it will increase their odds of maintaining wedded bliss. Learning to create new entrée in the kitchen will encourage the couple to work together inventively, and to share in their culinary successes or laugh at their failures.

Cake Serving Set

One of the most special moments of the reception is the cutting of the wedding cake. Pictures are taken, guests gather ‘round, and the couple either does or doesn’t, smash cake into one another’s face. Either way, the gift of a beautiful cake serving set will be used on the wedding day and every event that is a cake-worthy celebration, thereafter.

A Raised Flower Bed

Eating healthy is one of the most important aspects of modern life. Unfortunately, eating organic is becoming more and more expensive as well. So, why not grow your own for free? With a raised flower bed, one is able to grow your own vegetables and herbs with minimal effort and space. The frame has depth to allow for deep rooting as well. It’s a contemporary look for the couple that likes modern elegance.

Home Spa Kit

Post-pandemic, people might still be a little bit wary of heading out, especially to a spa. So, bring the spa to them! You can create your own gift basket filled with delightfully snazzy goodies, or purchase one of the many online offerings. Home spa kits include items like hand and foot gloves, lavender-scented oils and lotions, bubble bath, coffee scrubs, shower gels, bath salts, a bath pillow, and more. This gift is sure to be used before and after the big day.

French Coffee Press

Most people need their coffee in the morning, and many people agree that there’s nothing quite like a French press coffee. Whether it’s used every day, just on Sundays, or for special occasions, when you combine the French press with a bag of coffee beans and a pair of Mr & Mrs mugs, you’ve basically given a deliciously popular gift to the couple at this shower.

Cheese Board

A cheese board always comes in handy when you’ve got guests over or even if you are putting out some snacks for movie night. Buying something with ample space to add other nibbles that go with cheese is the perfect and most importantly useful gift you could give.

Stationery Set

Emails and texts have seemingly taken over the universe, but that doesn’t mean that the bride, or the groom, can’t have a little fun with convention by using a stationery set. The bride and groom might use the set for thank you notes, or just to keeping in touch with friends and family in a more traditional way.

Luxurious Slippers

There are some items that people don’t purchase for themselves, and luxurious slippers are one of them. The bride will be overjoyed when she opens these to discover their softness and comfort. They will be perfect to wear the morning of the wedding while she is flitting around and getting things done.

Wedding Survival Kit

Luxury Personalised Correspondence Set Ivory

When the big day approaches there is great excitement, but also great anxiety. Will stockings run? Will buttons pop off? Will an earring fall off and get lost? The gift of a wedding survival kit won’t take all of the anxiety out of the day, but it will help. Consider including items such as a sewing kit, baby wipes, earring backs, mints, tweezers, travel hairspray, an Emory board, a static guard, flat shoes (for dancing at the reception), snacks, and tissues.

The wedding day will come soon enough. Help the bride and groom-to-be enjoy the days leading up to it by showering them with gifts that will make their journey more comfortable, fun, and relaxed.

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