Martin Kemp Design Sets Sights on New York’s Skyline

In a bold and visionary move, Martin Kemp Design, the revered British design studio, recently announced that they are making its mark on the vibrant New York City design landscape.

Renowned for its exceptional design prowess across Europe and Asia, and bolstered by an ever-growing portfolio of successful projects in the United States, Martin Kemp Design is gearing up to introduce its ultra-luxurious residential and commercial design services to American shores.

Spearheaded by the dynamic leadership of their CEO, Jemimah Graff, who will soon relocate from the studio’s London headquarters, this transatlantic expansion signifies a watershed moment for the brand.

Elevating Ambitions: Crafting Luxury Beyond Boundaries

With a formidable reputation for crafting some of the world’s most refined and sophisticated spaces, Martin Kemp Design stands as a paragon of opulent interior design. Synonymous with unmatched craftsmanship and avant-garde design, the studio has left an indelible imprint on the global stage.

Martin Kemp Design Sets Sights on New York's Skyline

The hallmark of their portfolio encompasses super-prime residential developments, exclusive private residences, opulent superyachts, and bespoke private aviation interiors. The narrative of Martin Kemp Design’s American venture is rooted in founder Martin Kemp’s own journey.

The trajectory began in the bustling creative hub of Los Angeles, where Kemp laid the foundation for his illustrious career. In 2012, Martin Kemp Design was born, and the studio embarked on a remarkable journey that would see it leave an indelible mark on both sides of the Atlantic. A decade-long engagement with New York City‘s design ethos saw the studio craft a series of opulent private residences catering to their discerning European clientele. Notably, their design prowess graced the iconic Time Warner building, etching their presence into the urban fabric.

A Crescendo of Excellence: A New York City Sub-Penthouse Marvel

As the studio sets its sights on an even brighter future, a spectacular chapter is set to unfold. This Fall heralds the completion of a breathtakingly executed New York City sub-penthouse, a crowning achievement in the prestigious ONE57 building, offering unparalleled views of Central Park.

Martin Kemp Design Sets Sights on New York's Skyline

A testament to Martin Kemp Design’s unwavering commitment to creating spaces that transcend the ordinary, this masterpiece promises to be a harbinger of their future conquests. The decision to establish a physical presence in the United States is a testament to the burgeoning demand for Martin Kemp Design’s bespoke services. With a dedicated team poised to set foot on American soil come September, the studio’s aspirations to cultivate a transatlantic portfolio have never been more resolute.

CEO Jemimah Graff, a luminary in the realm of high-end luxury design, will take the reins in New York City. Her multifaceted role will encompass catalyzing business development, orchestrating US team recruitment, steering interior design services, and even nurturing the evolution of bespoke furniture. Notably, the studio’s debut product line, unveiled at the esteemed Salone del Mobile in April, resonated exquisitely with European connoisseurs.

A Torchbearer’s Voyage: Jemimah Graff’s Unwavering Stewardship

Commenting on this momentous juncture, Jemimah Graff, the visionary CEO of Martin Kemp Design, articulated, “The surge in demand from the US market, coupled with our triumphant acquisition of diverse projects in the region, has naturally propelled us towards establishing a studio in New York. At our core, we remain committed to the perpetual refinement of our expertise, style, and application. The resounding success of our inaugural retail collection in Europe serves as a testament to our expanding clientele. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be present in New York, cultivating our global presence.”

Martin Kemp Design Sets Sights on New York's Skyline

Jemimah Graff’s association with Martin Kemp Design dates back to its inception in 2012, and her ascent to the role of CEO in 2022 stands as a testament to her remarkable journey within the studio. As the primary envoy in the United States, Graff will spearhead the studio’s foray into American design territory. Initially stationed at the creative nexus of Neuehouse, Graff’s presence will pave the way for the establishment of a more permanent studio in 2024, solidifying Martin Kemp Design’s enduring commitment to the American design tapestry.

In crystallizing their presence on American soil, Martin Kemp Design unfurls a captivating narrative of innovation, luxury, and boundless artistic ingenuity. As New York City becomes the canvas for their visionary designs, the studio’s journey continues to be punctuated by excellence, as it etches its mark on the global design narrative.