Mashonda Tifrere Collaborates With Christie’s On New Exhibition

Christie’s Private Sales recently announced its partnership with Mashonda Tifrere, a curator, singer/songwriter, author, and activist, in presenting an exhibition entitled “Note to Self.”

This powerful exhibition is dedicated to celebrating the richness and diversity of womanhood, showcasing works by 15 living international women artists.

Note to Self is a visual manifestation of Tifrere’s commitment to showcasing art by living Black artists, reflecting her personal journey and awakening.

Tifrere, who graduated from Christie’s Education in 2016 with a degree in Art Business, has fortified her position as an art leader and cultural disruptor with the creation of Art LeadHer.

Mashonda Tifrere Collaborates With Christie's On New Exhibition

This platform has challenged patriarchal history and championed the professional development of marginalized women artists since its launch in 2016.

Note to Self, which is open for free viewing from March 28 to April 14 at Christie’s in London, features 24 works with prices between £2,000-£15,000.

The works in Note to Self are rich in individuality, yet delicately connected by a sense of liberation.

The varied works showcase the refreshing use of landscapes, gaze, body language, and posture that encourage viewers to engage with the elements of ease, peace, and comfort that are accumulated along a woman’s path to self-realization.

Tifrere describes this as “Feminine Sovereignty,” which is embodied in the works of these 15 international women artists.

Megan Lewis, a Black artist, foregrounds the layered experiences of Black communities, particularly women, in her emotive use of bold strokes and colour. Miami-based painter and muralist Tierra Armstrong transcends time and space through the duality of her fragmented yet balanced portrait style in “Community.”

Natalie Lauren, a multi-sensory artist, creates a deliberately tender space for the viewer to empathize and become absorbed in the fantastical world of her subjects. LaToya M. Hobbs’s signature use of stark lines creates an unrelenting expression that forces the viewer to consider the very essence of womanhood.

In contrast, Lindsay Adams‘ lyrical style demands an introspective contemplation in her depiction of rich floral landscapes. A conversation between world and self, she takes on the challenge of questioning her own identity as a Black and disabled woman.

Mashonda Tifrere Collaborates With Christie's On New Exhibition

To further support the exhibition, Christie’s specialist Isabel Millar, alongside the curator Mashonda Tifrere, will lead a panel discussion at Christie’s King Street.

This event is supported by the Christie’s Fund, established to broaden access to arts education and careers, as well as use Christie’s brand, platform, and resources to develop and promote emerging artists.

In conclusion, Note to Self is a powerful exhibition that celebrates the richness and diversity of womanhood. Tifrere’s commitment to showcasing diversity in her exhibitions and combatting gender bias is inspiring, and we look forward to presenting the works at Christie’s in London to mark Women’s History Month.

The exhibition serves as the perfect way to engage with the elements of ease, peace, and comfort that are accumulated along a woman’s path to self-realisation through the works of these 15 international women artists.

Images: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2023

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