Miami Yacht Show’s New Location Proves to be a Huge Success

Back in early 2019, the Miami Yacht show provided attendees with a truly spectacular day that will surely be remembered for decades to come. The 31st annual Miami Yacht show was a roaring success from start to finish.

With a number of new luxury lifestyle activities, along with more on-land and in-water space, guests and sellers alike were treated to the best show in recent memory.

Miami Yacht Show’s New Location Proves to be a Massive Success

The show, which was held over President’s Day weekend, was hosted at a new location in downtown Miami. Some people had been worried that the show’s new location may detract from the show itself, but those fears and worries were soon laid to rest.

Located on Biscayne Bay, the show received rave reviews from start to finish and a fantastic time was surely had by all. Attendance was up by 7.23% from the previous year and based upon reviews and feedback, next year’s show will likely be even higher still.

A risk that paid off

For over three decades, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, had been the location for the annual yacht show. After all, hosting a yacht show in this iconic area would make perfect sense, and as Miami Beach is one of the most popular parts of the city, you can see why the show remained a fan favourite.

However, all good things have to come to an end and sometimes change can bring an even better result. Moving the show downtown meant that the show itself could now accommodate more guests, more displays, and more features.

The new location meant that the show gained an additional 60 acres in size. Attendees gazed in wonder at hundreds of stunning yachts, exotic cars and vehicles, luxury retail products, as well as amazing food and drink.

What’s more, the new location provided an additional 3,500+ parking spaces all within walking distance of the show, making parking and travelling a great deal more accommodating and convenient.

A roaring success all round

CL Yachts’ project manager Hans Lo, enjoyed his new brand’s very first sale, stating: “We are excited to announce the first sale from our brand-new brand during the official launch here at the Miami Yacht Show and we look forward to selling many more of our yachts to discerning luxury buyers”.

This year, the show was bigger and better than ever, featuring a 67,000 square foot exhibition space, which played host to the show’s premium VIP experience – the Windward VIP Lounge.

Miami Yacht Show’s New Location Proves to be a Massive Success

The additional space meant more luxury yachts could be displayed, and more prospective buyers had much more variety to choose from and marvel at.

Each year, the show generates an estimated $486 Million in economic output, making it wonderful for the area, local businesses, tourism, and for the yachting industry as a whole. Next year’s show looks set to be bigger and better than ever, which will be a tall task in itself.

Miami Yacht Show’s New Location Proves to be a Massive Success
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