Must-Have: Bentley’s New Limited-Edition Driving Gloves

In a remarkable tribute to two decades of automotive excellence, Bentley Motors recently joined forces with the visionary London-based design studio, Forestalgia, to craft a limited-edition driving glove.

This extraordinary creation pays homage to the iconic Continental GT, a car that has indelibly etched its mark on the annals of Bentley Motors’ history.

With only a select number available, this collaborative project signifies a union between British luxury and innovative design.

Must Have: Bentley's New Limited-Edition Driving Gloves

Crafting a Legacy: The Continental GT’s 20-Year Milestone

The Continental GT, Bentley’s quintessential grand tourer, has played a pivotal role in defining the contemporary era of the renowned automaker. To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Bentley Motors has embarked on an extraordinary creative journey in collaboration with Forestalgia, a design studio founded by the visionary Emmanuel Lawal, which draws inspiration from the interplay between the past and the future. This partnership is set to unveil an ultra-limited edition driving glove, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of the Continental GT.

Each of these exceptional driving gloves is a testament to the fusion of artistry and automotive ingenuity. Designed by the globally renowned creative Emmanuel Lawal, founder of Forestalgia, these gloves artfully blend archival design with contemporary fashion sensibilities. The collaboration between Lawal and the product engineering studio, Areté, has breathed life into the rich history of the Continental GT, infusing it into every stitch and contour of the glove.

The craftsmanship of Forestalgia’s glove design is a reflection of the quintessential Bentley GT experience. It showcases a two-tone colour palette, featuring the elegant Black Crystal and the evocative Racing Green, a homage to the optional interior of the Bentley GT.

Must Have: Bentley's New Limited-Edition Driving Gloves

Each glove is adorned with the iconic Bentley and Forestalgia logos, meticulously reinforced with double stitching for added protection. Hand-rolled leather edges and strategically placed ergonomic perforations exemplify the attention to detail that goes into crafting these exquisite gloves, mirroring the standards set by the Bentley Continental GT throughout its illustrious history.

Heritage of Excellence: Handcrafted with Precision

One distinctive aspect of Bentley’s legacy is its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. The leather that graces the steering wheel of the Bentley GT, for example, cannot be affixed by automated machinery. Instead, Bentley’s skilled artisans in Crewe employ a time-honoured technique.

They mark the leather with an ordinary kitchen fork, ensuring precision in placement, before proceeding to stitch it in place. This meticulous approach has also been adopted for each Forestalgia driving glove. Remarkably, it takes over four weeks to handcraft each pair, a testament to the dedication and precision that underpin Bentley’s heritage.

Must Have: Bentley's New Limited-Edition Driving Gloves

These extraordinary gloves are not just an accessory; they are a piece of automotive history. As a testament to Bentley’s commitment to its customers, these gloves will be proudly displayed in the hallowed halls of Bentley Motors’ home. Furthermore, they will be bestowed upon Bentley customers as an exclusive collector’s item, symbolizing their connection to a brand that has defined luxury and performance for over a century.


Bentley Motors and Forestalgia’s collaboration has birthed an exceptional piece of craftsmanship that encapsulates the spirit of the Continental GT. The limited edition driving glove serves as a tangible embodiment of Bentley’s dedication to excellence, handcrafted precision, and timeless design. It is a fitting tribute to 20 years of automotive prowess and an enduring testament to Bentley’s position as a pioneer in the world of luxury motoring.

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