Nobu & QUI Tequila Unveil the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve

Revolutionising the Liquor Landscape – Nobu Restaurant Group and QUI Tequila Unveil a Limited-Edition Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve

In an exciting fusion of culinary excellence and top-tier distillation craftsmanship, the internationally acclaimed Nobu Restaurant Group has unveiled a partnership with award-winning QUI Tequila.

The collaboration has given birth to a unique, limited-edition aged tequila, the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve, a sophisticated blend surpassing even the exacting standards of acclaimed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Destined for Nobu establishments around the globe, this exceptional tequila elevates the dining experience, reflecting the shared ethos of Nobu and QUI – the relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality.

Chef Nobu’s Passion for Tequila – A Rich Tradition Elevated

No stranger to the allure of tequila, Chef Nobu himself professes a longstanding appreciation for the iconic spirit. “Our team traditionally celebrates each triumphant Nobu opening with a tequila toast,” he shares. The uniquely refined characteristics of QUI’s aged tequila – its exceptional quality, bright flavours, and sophisticated complexity – elevate this customary toast to an extraordinary experience. “We eagerly look forward to introducing this new dimension to our esteemed customers,” he adds.

Nobu & QUI Tequila Unveil the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve

The Craftsmanship Behind the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve

QUI Tequila’s singular reputation rests on its use of 100% Blue Agave, meticulously grown in the Los Altos highlands of Jalisco, the true cradle of tequila. The Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve encapsulates this heritage, melding a distinctive blend of agave harvested during 2007 and 2008. These carefully selected agave plants are then aged in classic American Whiskey Oak Barrels, followed by maturation in steel tanks.

This nuanced process gives rise to delightful tasting notes, an intoxicating blend of sweet oak, toasted almond, and subtle maple flavours. The scent is equally captivating, presenting a harmonious play of wood, tobacco, caramel, and vanilla.

A Shared Philosophy, A Signature Cocktail: The QUI Garden

The fruitful partnership extends beyond the creation of the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve, highlighting the common ideals of QUI and Nobu. Medhat Ibrahim, the co-founder of QUI Tequila, emphasizes the mutual commitment to superior quality and the use of clean, simple ingredients with no additives.

This shared vision gave rise to the QUI Garden, a signature cocktail that underpins the partners’ dedication to fresh, top-quality ingredients. This inventive concoction combines fresh cucumber and mint with QUI Platinum Tequila and a ginger Monk fruit syrup – a healthier alternative to white sugar – topped with a touch of fennel liqueur, adding herbaceous depth and a crisp finish. Originating at Nobu Downtown, the QUI Garden cocktail will soon refresh patrons at other Nobu Restaurants worldwide.

The Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve: A Coveted Collector’s Item

The highly anticipated Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve will be available at Nobu locations across the globe, and online at Only 500 of the 1,500 individually numbered bottles will be available for retail in selected markets, priced at $500 per bottle, making the Nobu Rare 2008 Reserve not just a unique drinking experience, but a coveted collector’s item. Be part of this extraordinary journey as the Nobu Restaurant Group and QUI Tequila redefine the limits of culinary and distillation craftsmanship.