NYC’s Timeless Condos: Design Perfection

In the ever-changing landscape of design trends, there is a special charm in creations that stand the test of time. Timeless design, with its blend of simplicity, sophistication, and functionality, continues to captivate and inspire.

This article explores some of the most remarkable luxury condominiums in New York City that have been thoughtfully crafted with enduring elegance in mind. From the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side, these residences showcase the seamless integration of classic and modern elements, setting them apart as true gems of timeless architecture.

96+Broadway: A Fusion of Luxury and Timeless Design

Situated on the Upper West Side at 250 West 96th Street, 96+Broadway is a highly anticipated luxury condominium building developed by JVP Management and designed by renowned Danish architect Thomas Juul-Hansen.

NYC's Timeless Condos: Design Perfection
Image: We Are Visuals

In his modern interpretation of classical architecture, Thomas Juul-Hansen has masterfully designed the facade of 96+Broadway, adorned with expansive windows and bronze trim, surrounded by silver-grey limestone. The double-height lobby carries the essence of historic Upper West Side architecture while presenting a contemporary allure, perfecting the art of timeless design.

Inside 96+Broadway, a true dedication to timelessness is evident in every detail. The kitchen cabinets, crafted from solid oak, exude both quality and time-honoured aesthetics. Bathrooms, adorned from floor to ceiling with marble tiles, stand as a testament to classic beauty. The pool features travertine surfaces, and custom-designed Hemlock wood panelling adds a touch of warmth and sophistication, resulting in a seamless blend of luxury and enduring appeal.

One High Line: Sculptural Grandeur Amidst Natural Materials

Spanning a full city block in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighbourhood, One High Line is an exceptional luxury condominium project designed by the world-class Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

Gabellini Sheppard, the acclaimed New York firm, lends its expertise to the interiors of the West Tower, renowned for projects like the Rainbow Room and Top of the Rock. Their design philosophy seamlessly integrates the surrounding natural beauty with the living spaces, creating a serene and timeless atmosphere. Natural materials, such as layered marbles, custom eucalyptus, and oak woods, harmoniously blend with a soothing neutral palette, forging a connection with nature within the heart of the city.

NYC's Timeless Condos: Design Perfection
Image: DBOX

Gilles & Boissier, the esteemed Parisian firm behind the Baccarat Hotel New York, has curated the interiors of the East Tower at One High Line. With their expertise in luxury projects, they have brought forth an array of elegant homes. Calacatta Gold marble, custom Molteni Larch cabinetry, and natural oak flooring create an ambience of timeless grandeur, capturing the essence of classic luxury.

The Astor: A Storied Legacy Reimagined for Modern Living

Located at 235 West 75th Street in Manhattan, The Astor is a luxury condominium steeped in history, originally built by the legendary William Waldorf Astor in 1901.

NYC's Timeless Condos: Design Perfection
Image: Christian Harder

Pembrooke & Ives, a renowned New York-based design firm, took on the task of preserving The Astor’s 1901 glamour while introducing modern touches for contemporary living. The result is a harmonious blend of old-world charm and thoughtful layouts with modern finishes. From wood-burning fireplaces to herringbone-patterned floors, each feature stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of The Astor.

The Harper: A Timeless Landmark on the Upper East Side

At 310 East 86th Street, The Harper stands as a 21-story limestone-clad condominium designed inside and out by the award-winning team at ODA, capturing the essence of Art Deco inspiration.

Embodying the rich history of the Upper East Side, The Harper draws inspiration from its surroundings, creating residences that exude elegance and timelessness. Subtle nods to Art Deco are visible throughout the building, with antiqued brass detailing adding an air of sophistication.

NYC's Timeless Condos: Design Perfection

The inviting lobby, featuring an ODA-designed Belvedere Marble slab concierge desk and Limestone Crema Luna Slab with antiqued brass insert detailed flooring, sets the tone for the rest of the interiors. The kitchen countertops and backsplashes, outfitted in honed Taj Mahal Quartzite slab, exude both beauty and functionality.

Italian Kitchen by Poliform cabinetry, highlighted by antiqued brass and Waterworks fixtures, complements the overall aesthetic. The primary bathroom, adorned with Namibia White Marble Mosaic marble floors and Limestone Crema Luna walls with antiqued brass accents, exudes an unmistakable sense of luxury.


In a world where trends may come and go, these luxury condominiums in New York City stand as timeless marvels of design. Combining classic elements with modern comforts, they showcase the enduring elegance that transcends fleeting fashions. From 96+Broadway’s chic sophistication to One High Line’s harmonious blend of natural materials, from The Astor’s pre-war charm to The Harper’s Art Deco-inspired interiors, each residence exemplifies the art of creating spaces that will never go out of style.

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