Office Styles And Interior Features For Men And Women

The choice of material manufacture is directly related to the style of the interior. You can afford pompous styles – empire, modern, art deco or classic. This means monumental furniture made of expensive woods, with carvings and gilding, the walls are trimmed with expensive fabrics, lined with stone or covered with Venetian plaster, and decor is always present on the walls: columns, arches, stucco moulding, the floor is also made of natural materials, no laminate, no linoleum here won’t roll. In the recreation area, a fireplace or handmade carpet on the floor is appropriate.

Office Styles And Interior Features For Men And Women

A majestic chandelier illuminates such an office, supported by bronze lamps, sconces and candelabra. The colour palette is restrained, with natural tones. An office decorated in this way is a work of art and a very expensive pleasure. It is better to remove office equipment from your eyes so that it does not disturb the surroundings. Take it out for work only. Such a study is justified only if other rooms are made in a similar style. Of course, it should match the general mood of your home.

The English style is more restrained in design, distinguished by the emphasized aristocracy and good taste. Here, too, natural materials are a priority, the walls are finished with wooden panels or wallpaper with a discreet geometric or floral pattern. On the floor – parquet or its imitation, natural wood furniture, leather upholstery. Colour design – a palette of woody shades, that can be diluted with muted reds, blues or greens. Decor in the English style is paintings on the walls, porcelain figurines, and floor or mantel clocks.

Everything that was written above is only suitable for a private house, where it is possible to allocate a rather large room for an office. However, this is more an exception than a rule. Much more often, even in a private house, you have to be content with limited space. Therefore, further, we will talk about modern, more versatile styles that will allow you to equip an office even in a small nook.

Minimalism seems to be made for cramped spaces. It is extremely functional and ergonomic design. Its characteristic feature is an underlined conciseness, nothing superfluous, and no objects that do not carry a practical load. In this style, you can arrange both an office and a small fenced-off area. All furniture is of a simple form, wooden, plastic, glass or metal. The colour scheme is light, which expands the space and makes it airier. Luminaires in a minimalist style of unpretentious design, and strict forms.

Office Styles And Interior Features For Men And Women

Scandinavian style – minimalism with northern specifics. The design is dominated by cold shades – white, light blue, and grey. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness that Scandinavian minimalism fills the room, and the abundance of natural light is very suitable for the office. Scandinavian style loves natural materials, furniture is selected simple and functional. The best examples are made by The Modern brand. So that the atmosphere does not look too cold and formal, you can dilute it with green plants, and posters and add some bright accents.

Ethnostyle implies the obligatory presence of bright national motifs. As a rule, these are oriental or African. The colour scheme is also restrained, dominated by brown, grey and black colours. As decor – masks, baskets, ethnic souvenirs, and some exotic flowers in a pot. But the decor should not be much. The main purpose of the office is work, and nothing should distract from it.

Hi-tech is a child of progress. Rapidly entered our lives and is increasingly used in interior design. Hi-tech for a study is an underlined manufacturability, the most modern and “advanced” office equipment, laconic furnishings and extremely ergonomic furniture. Neither sophisticated decor, a crystal chandelier, nor antique furniture is appropriate here. Wood prefers plastic, glass and metal. The colour palette is varied, mostly cold, interspersed with warmer shades. Hi-tech loves gloss and futuristic furniture.

Office Styles And Interior Features For Men And Women

Loft – the style of spacious rooms with large windows is perfect for equipping the office area. Deliberately rough wall decoration or the absence of any decoration, urban design, and open communications creates the feeling of an office or production facility and sets you up for work. Along with wooden surfaces, concrete and glass surfaces are actively used. The combination of various specific materials and textures is a feature of this style.

Men’s And Women’s Office: Nuances

The chosen style characterizes the owner of the room, it bears the imprint of his personality. But the office can differ not only in style but, so to speak, in gender. In other words, the men’s and women’s cabinets have their own nuances. We’ll talk about this.

Men equip their offices not only for work but also for business events.

A necessary place of solitude, where you can read a book in silence, smoke and store precious artefacts.

The design of men’s offices often includes a library, collectables, awards and trophies. The high status of the cabinet owner is emphasized by the abundance of wood and leather furniture. A large comfortable leather armchair is a mandatory attribute of a men’s office.

Office Styles And Interior Features For Men And Women

My favourite style is a restrained classic, without excessive decor, but minimalism is also popular. In the men’s office, you will not find frivolous trinkets, but there can be many items that emphasize individuality. It can be a collection of sailboats or sports awards.

The male office does not tolerate variegation, the colour design is very harmonious and strict. The presence of modern office equipment and smart high-tech furniture is also typical for men’s offices.

Women’s office has its own specifics. Here status gives way to elegance. Pastel colours are used in the design, and the overall atmosphere of the office is softer and more feminine. There can be many flowers and cute trinkets, all kinds of women’s accessories, textiles in the decor. Of course, the circumstance of what exactly a woman does in her office plays a role. A creative nature, for example, can stun with a riot of colors and non-standard design moves.

A work table in a woman’s office may well combine a boudoir and a dressing table – why not? This means that the presence of a mirror in the women’s office is almost mandatory. The desktop itself is distinguished by elegance, without sacrificing functionality. A large desktop computer gives way to a small laptop. The atmosphere of emphasized femininity should, nevertheless, set you in the right working mood, so think through every detail.

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