Online Entertainment: What Chat Rooms Should You Try?

There are some things in life that will never change, and the need for distraction through entertainment is one of them. Chat rooms were extremely popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Chat rooms like Yahoo messenger, AOL messenger, and MSN messenger were used by all kinds of people. People flocked to those chat rooms to talk about their topic of interest. These days, those chat rooms are mostly gone and modern ones have shown up to replace them.

Because of the rise of apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram, chat rooms aren’t as popular as they were before. They still exist and still serve a community of people. In this article, we look at some chat rooms you should try out.


Online Entertainment: What Chat Rooms Should You Try?

One of the more popular chat sites today, Omegle, was launched by 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks in 2009 and has grown to be one of the biggest chat sites currently available. The site pairs you up with a random stranger with similar interests, and you have the option to chat via text only or via video. If the site does not find anyone with the same interests as you, it pairs you with a random person. If you don’t want to chat but want to watch others discuss a topic, you can switch on the spy mode option. You won’t be able to contribute, but you can read the discussion of the others. Overall, it’s an excellent site to visit if you’re looking to make new online friends.


Another popular chat service. It employs the same technique as Omegle. It requires you to turn on your video and audio, after which it pairs you up with a random stranger. Originally developed by a Russian, Chatroulette USA has become the most popular version, with France and Germany’s versions following closely behind. The name Chatroulette has become synonymous with describing other types of chat services like this one. Many other chat sites worldwide adopted the video-based web chatting service and have made similar waves in the industry in recent years.

Second Life

Online Entertainment: What Chat Rooms Should You Try?

Second Life is a virtual reality chat room that offers something completely different. It allows you to create your avatar and interact with other characters called residents in a virtual world. The community here functions like one in the real world. You can decide to join a group, start one, or casually make friends with people around you. You also have the option of talking publicly or privately. If you are looking for something different and modern, try this one out.


This chat website is another 3D virtual reality world. Second Life and IMVU aim to achieve the same goals. They enable their players to interact with the virtual world and meet new people. IMVU has a slight advantage over Second Life in the graphics department. It is available on mobile, tablets, and PC.


Online Entertainment: What Chat Rooms Should You Try?

eHarmony advertises itself as a dating service for serious couples. It does this by background checks, the 70 questions you have to answer, and the steep price to become a premium member. These hurdles have made eHarmony a site only serious-minded people pay to be on. Unlike other chatting sites, the focus here is dating, and eHarmony is for anyone looking to settle down.


Developed in 2002, 321Chat offers a wide range of filters, including Teen, Adult, Senior, Kid, Gay, Lesbian, Black, Asian, trans, Religion, and Spanish. You don’t have to register to chat. Pick a room and start interacting straight away.

PalTalk Video Chat Rooms

Online Entertainment: What Chat Rooms Should You Try?

Paltalk has over 100 million downloads and has a good number of people on the site/app at any period. The site is simple to use, and it is free to register with the option of upgrading to premium. After registering, all you have to do is go through the list of chat rooms available. Each chat room has its description, So it is easy to choose the group that interests you. You are free to turn on your camera and audio after entering the room, or you can decide to talk alone. If you want to communicate with someone alone, private message them.

Chat rooms are not as popular as they once were, but they still serve a purpose in today’s online community. The nature of chatting has changed. Today, online games have built a thriving community through the use of chatting and audio calling tech. Technology may have changed how we chat, but the spirit of communicating and interacting is still there.