An Outdoor Bottomless Brunch – 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Try It

Supposedly dating back to the 1930s in the U.S., brunch offers the perfect balance between breakfast items and a lunch feel – allowing you to acceptably jump into your favourite cocktails at the same time. But what was once a lazy brunch has now become a phenomenon of an outdoor bottomless brunch!

As it sounds, this style of brunch becomes boozy rather quickly, as restaurants around the world offer a once-off charge to consume a variety of drinks – and as much of it as you’d like. There are a few catches, and the recommendation is always to read the fine print of the special. As a quick rule of thumb, look out for the following:

  • Are you able to change your choice of drink once you’ve started ordering?
  • Do you need to eat or drink any items first – or together?
  • Which drinks or food items are not on the special at all?
  • What time will the offer end?
  • Are you able to order a bottle of prosecco for example, instead of having to drink glass-per-glass?

With over 1,000 outdoor bottomless brunch spots in the UK alone, this boozy style of breakfast has become something sensational. Upon arrival, use some of the questions mentioned above to navigate your service, help you get the most for your buck, and establish boundaries around what you can and can’t do! If you have never been to one before, here are some of the top reasons you should get involved.

1. Outdoor Bottomless BrunchThe Perfect Complement To The Weekend

An Outdoor Bottomless Brunch - 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Try It

Many of the outdoor bottomless brunch specials run on the weekend – and for good reason. With more time on your hands, less need to be sober, and with friends across town searching for a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning, there can be nothing better.

2. Everyone Is Raving About Them

An Outdoor Bottomless Brunch - 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Try It

Are your colleagues at work trying to show off their latest outdoor bottomless brunch excursion around the office? Or is it your friends living in a different city that can’t keep quiet about them? Now, more than anything, you are wondering why these bottomless party brunches are so popular… You have to try it for yourself!

The only way you will ever have an opinion on these exciting specials in the city is if you round up some friends and give it a try. If you are new to an outdoor bottomless brunch, go to a restaurant or café which comes highly recommended. There are so many to choose from, so ask a friend or search online for one that catches your eye. If you are wondering whether there is something better than an outdoor bottomless brunch, the answer is yes. Introducing outdoor bottomless brunch!

3. Feel Safer By Sitting Outside

An Outdoor Bottomless Brunch - 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Try It

There can be nothing more refreshing than sitting outside in the fresh air, perhaps with a lovely breeze flowing over your face to bring you back to life. After a long week in the office or working from home, you’ll likely find yourself craving sometime in the sun. Something that you might be yearning for even more badly is enjoying a bottomless special with your favourite friends.

A bottomless brunch being outdoors is the perfect way to help all of your friends and fellow brunch-goers feel a little more at ease. With a nice fresh wind flowing through the outside area, this will be a weekend well spent.

4. Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

An Outdoor Bottomless Brunch - 4 Good Reasons Why You Should Try It

It is an understatement to say that lockdown has been difficult for everyone. With strict lockdown regulations restricting our movement, international travel, and even visits to the pub, people have been severely deprived of spending time with loved ones. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety have skyrocketed… But, with brunches now being hosted outside, we need to embrace the opportunities that are opening for us.

Though this Covid-19 has taken a lot of freedom from us, we cannot sit at home in gloom forever. We should enjoy the time that we have on our weekends to lighten our mental load – laugh with friends, have a great time, and do all of this knowing that you are helping to support small businesses that are desperately struggling right now.

Being allowed to socialize with friends is a true blessing, but in times of Covid, being outside has allowed each of us to interact without feeling overwhelmed by the risk. It is crucial, as recommended by government officials, to continue wearing your mask in public, to sanitize whenever possible, and to act safely. It is time to consider moving forward with our lives, but we should do this safely! Make sure that the brunch areas are Covid-compliant and enjoy yourself, time with loved ones is precious.

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