Eco-Conscious Luxury: Palace Hotel Tokyo’s Vision for ‘Sustainable Tokyo’

Palace Hotel Tokyo, one of Japan’s esteemed luxury hotel brands, has unveiled its latest stay package, ‘Sustainable Tokyo’, inviting guests to experience the fusion of local environmental elements, immersive excursions, and the renowned Japanese hospitality of omotenashi.

Embracing Mother Nature, this Forbes Five-Star property aims to offer a deeper appreciation for sustainability and ecological harmony embedded within Japanese culture.

Palace Hotel Tokyo’s Sustainable Tokyo Stay Package

Eco-Conscious Luxury: Palace Hotel Tokyo's Vision for 'Sustainable Tokyo'

From its inception, Palace Hotel Tokyo has held a deep reverence for nature, which has become an integral part of its luxury brand identity. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of moss, the hotel’s hand-tufted carpets and artwork pay homage to its lush surroundings in the Imperial Palace Gardens, providing guests with a captivating connection to nature.

The ‘Sustainable Tokyo’ stay package seeks to offer travellers a unique perspective on Tokyo, showcasing how the city’s culture inherently embraces sustainability and environmental harmony. Guests can enjoy a two-night stay enriched with exclusive on-property experiences and the option to partake in off-site activities that include both land and water recreational pursuits. Moreover, they have the opportunity to explore kintsugi, the Japanese art of beautifying pottery imperfections, inspired by the mottainai philosophy of minimizing waste and utilizing objects to their fullest potential.

Indulge in Gastronomic Delights and Serene Spa Bliss

Catering to diverse interests, the package caters to food enthusiasts and spa lovers alike. Guests can indulge in a prix-fixe dinner at Wadakura, the hotel’s signature Japanese restaurant, or pamper themselves with a rejuvenating treatment at Evian SPA TOKYO. Evian SPA TOKYO offers a custom-tailored experience with a 75-minute body treatment using Japanese-made products derived from natural, domestically-sourced ingredients.

Wadakura exemplifies the essence of Washoku, a culinary expression recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, which reflects the Japanese people’s profound respect for nature through sustainable sourcing, preparation, and consumption of natural ingredients. The seasonal dishes at Wadakura incorporate organic, locally-sourced produce and sustainable delicacies.

Exclusive Amenities, Organic Delights, and Eco-friendly Luxuries Await

Eco-Conscious Luxury: Palace Hotel Tokyo's Vision for 'Sustainable Tokyo'

As part of the ‘Sustainable Tokyo’ package, exclusive amenities await guests, including an in-room minibar stocked with sustainably-sourced, made-in-Japan items such as organic sparkling wine, preservative-free juices, and complimentary fair-trade coffee and tea. The guestrooms feature an amenity set by Kruhi, the only brand in Asia certified by Grøn Salon, a rigorous European environmental standard.

This set includes shampoo, conditioning treatment, and body balm, reflecting the spirit of mottainai and enabling guests to enjoy the products both during their stay and at home. The health-centric in-room breakfast service offers sustainably-sourced ingredients presented in both Western and bento-style Japanese formats, accommodating vegan and vegetarian preferences upon request. Furthermore, guests receive a limited-edition, wooden guestroom keycard as a unique keepsake.

Immerse Yourself in Tokyo’s Art, History, and Outdoor Adventures

For those seeking additional activities, the hotel offers several options at an additional charge (subject to availability). These include a two-hour introduction to the history of kintsugi, followed by a hands-on experience. Alternatively, guests can embark on a privately guided jogging or cycling tour lasting two to three hours, exploring the picturesque Marunouchi district and the surrounding Imperial Palace Gardens. Furthermore, a privately guided kayaking excursion along the Sumida River unveils Tokyo’s origins as a city intertwined with water.

Art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a four-hour art and architecture tour, meticulously crafted by the hotel. This exclusive experience acquaints guests with renowned Japanese artists and architects who deeply value the natural environment, prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility in their creations.

Highlighting the hotel’s private collection and Tokyo’s most remarkable architectural gems, the tour includes the works of globally acclaimed figures such as Kengo Kuma, the recipient of the 2016 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. Another noteworthy installation is Shinji Ohmaki’s ‘Echoes Crystallization,’ a prominent masterpiece at Palace Hotel Tokyo that commemorates endangered Japanese flowers. The art and architecture tour celebrates the profound interplay between artistic expression, sustainable design, and the environment.

Exclusive Complimentary Sessions

Guests who book Executive or Premier Suite accommodations are eligible for a complimentary, private session with one of the hotel’s skilled pâtissiers, offering a 30-minute introduction to the art of pastry-making with zero food waste.

“Luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive and with ‘Sustainable Tokyo’, we’re highlighting how harmonious the two can be,” said Masaru Watanabe, senior managing director and general manager. “In light of Japan’s ambitious Green Growth Strategy and the Tokyo municipal government’s vision to future-proof the city, we are keen to do our part by keeping our sights set not only on delivering exceptional omotenashi in the present but also for the future. It is, after all, often the little changes and everyday practices on the part of individuals, businesses and communities that can compel great progress.”

Eco-Conscious Luxury: Palace Hotel Tokyo's Vision for 'Sustainable Tokyo'

Palace Hotel Tokyo’s Sustainable Initiatives and Culinary Collaboration

Palace Hotel Tokyo is dedicated to eco-conscious initiatives, including the reduction of single-use products. Their ‘Eco-Palace‘ project, a cyclical food-waste management system, transforms compostable kitchen refuse into biodegradable fertilizer for local farms. The hotel then purchases the resulting rice and produce to incorporate into the staff canteen’s daily menu.

This project began in 1992, two decades before the property underwent a complete rebuild. During that time, Palace Hotel Tokyo was the first in its industry to repurpose organic refuse into compost, laying the foundation for its ongoing commitment to sustainability. Moreover, the hotel’s culinary team collaborates with Food Loss Bank to integrate visually imperfect yet delicious produce into select menu offerings, including their popular veggie bread loaf.

Bookings for the ‘Sustainable Tokyo’ package are available from 15th June 2023 to 31st May 2024 (subject to availability). Prices start from JPY 371,000* (based on double occupancy), and 5% of the net proceeds from the package will be donated to The Nature Conservation Society of Japan, further contributing to the preservation of the country’s natural heritage.

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