Our Top 10 Perfume Sets To Buy This Year For Christmas

Fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s a classic Christmas present. Here are our top 10 picks to purchase this year.

Our Top 10 Perfume Sets To Buy This Year For Christmas

It’s Christmas time again! Can you believe it? It feels like 2022 has simply flown by, but we are only too happy to have the snowy, cosy, festive season back with us once more. It’s a time for family, sharing delicious meals with friends, taking time out to relax, and of course, doing a little festive present shopping. There are so many choices these days, and it’s so easy to get your hands on whatever gifts your loved ones have their hearts set on without even leaving the house.

The question is, what will you be giving this year? Delicious treats are great, but they’re gone all too soon. A new swimming costume or winter coat is a good bet too, but they’ll only be useful for half the year.

The perfect gift, one that can be chosen to suit any kind of person with any kind of personality and preferences, is a fragrance. Both women’s perfume and men’s perfume come in such a wide variety of scents by a huge number of well-known and respected brands that there’s no chance you’ll come up empty-handed!

To make things even easier for you, we’ve curated a selection of our top 10 perfumes and perfume sets to gift this Christmas for anyone and everyone in your life. Read on for the details.

Our Top 10 Perfume Sets To Buy This Year For Christmas

1. Chloe Eau de Parfum

Chloe is a sophisticated brand for those who don’t like to overdo it. Understated elegance is the name of the game here, from the packaging to the fragrance itself. This is the ultimate intimate, sensual fragrance. It’s a classic scent, focusing on a subtle rose to create something truly timeless. While Chloe likes to keep things subtle, it’s never too simple to be written off as basic. This perfume perfectly embodies the spirit of the brand.

2. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana don’t do anything halfway, certainly not their musky and delicious The One for men. This uniquely scented fragrance evokes sophisticated masculinity rather than the traditional masculine scents that every other perfumier jumps to. Italian tarocco orange, clary sage, and Australian sandalwood come together to create something special.

3. Coach

Dream a little dream of your perfect scent: Dreams, by Coach. This is an excellent option for daily wear if your loved one likes to keep their scents light and natural. Bitter orange, cactus flower, and pear come together over ambroxan and woods to create a fragrance that will make the memory of you linger long after you leave.

Our Top 10 Perfume Sets To Buy This Year For Christmas

4. Missoni

From the gorgeous, shimmering glass to the perfect masculine shape of the bottle, and, of course, the fragrance inside, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme is the perfect gift for the man in your life. This is a bright, vibrant scent for a man who loves to take on the world anew every day.

5. Hermes

We believe that all fragrances are for whoever wants to wear them, but few come off as truly unisex as Terre d’Hermes. From the sleek packaging with the minimal logo to the scent that comes wafting out whenever you spritz, this is the perfect gift. A strong and vital scent, with notes of bergamot and sichuan pepper, this dry and spicy aroma will wrap its arms around you and never let you go.

6. Narciso Rodriguez

Why buy just one scent when you can buy several? The Narcoso Rodriguez “For Her” collection is a cornucopia of feminine scents that will take you by storm. The Musc Noir Rose and the Pure Musc are our two favourites from the collection. Respectively, they feature a voluptuous bouquet of bergamot, tuberose, and vanilla; and vibrant cashmere and white florals.

7. Anna Sui

The packaging here is really special and fun; it’s something for the whimsical woman in your life. Take a walk in the woods with Anna Sui’s Fantasia and wrap yourself in pink pomelo, Himalayan cedar, golden cypress, and spicy pink pepper. It’s unexpected and not for the faint of heart.

8. Moschino

Another whimsical number, Moschino’s Toy 2 is a wonderful thing to unwrap on Christmas morning. This is a light-hearted trip to the farmers’ market: all the fresh and wholesome scents of magnolia, orange, apple, and mandarin combine to create a light and effortless scent. Base notes of sandalwood anchor the perfume.

Our Top 10 Perfume Sets To Buy This Year For Christmas

9. Armani

This fragrance finds its origin in one place and one place only: the ocean. While this contemporary re-imagining sets the fragrance in a more modern package and pays tribute to Armani’s iconic navy blues, it is a true classic in nature, make no mistake. Acqua di Gio Profondo is a marine version of Acqua di Gio, and it’s more than just a fragrance: it’s a representation of your personality. Lavender, cypress, and matic come together for a spicy ocean-fresh kiss.

10. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo makes more than just good shoes! Urban Hero is like pulling on your favourite sweater on a cold day after wearing it in front of an open fire. Smooth and warm, this scent, featuring lemon caviar, black pepper, rosewood, and vetiver as well as a leather base note, will be the fragrance you reach for time and again.

Wrap Up

This is the only fragrance guide you’ll need for the rest of 2022!

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