Petrossian Opens Gourmet Café in South Kensington

Petrossian, the renowned experts in Parisian caviar, are now bringing their gourmet flair to London. Last month, the company opened its very first boutique and deli in the city and has now launched a café at the same location.

Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian, brothers, founded the business in Paris in 1920. It is now entirely family-owned. From the storied initial location on Boulevard de Latour-Maubourg in Paris, Petrossian’s boutiques and restaurants have moved to New York, Brussels, Las Vegas, West Hollywood, and now — London.

Petrossian’s exclusive café offers an intimate dining experience, limited to 16 guests. The menu features dishes that perfectly blend the company’s renowned delicacies with cult recipes – such as Organic Soft Boiled Egg with Ossetra Caviar and Oven Baked Potato with Caviar.

You can also enjoy a selection of Taramas, Truffle Tartine, Smoked Salmon and the famous Petrossian Croque. To complement the meal, there is a range of fine wines, champagne and vodka available.

The popular Parisian institution has opened its first permanent branch in the United Kingdom at 6 Fulham Road, directly across from the well-known Michelin House. The design is reminiscent of the original Parisian boutique’s stunning teal-blue facade.

The brand-new SW3 deli, gourmet café, and store all proudly display Petrossian’s century-old ethos of refinement and savoir-faire. Customers may find, understand, and choose their caviar, smoked salmon, and other great delicacies with the assistance of knowledgeable employees who are available to offer guidance and experience.

Customers can sample items at the deli counter, where freshly produced tarama and smoked salmon are cut in front of them.

Petrossian’s new gourmet café in South Kensington is an exciting addition to the city. With its exclusive menu featuring unique dishes and fine wines, champagne and vodka, it offers a luxurious dining experience that is bound to become a social staple.