Planning Your Bucket List World Tour

Have you finally made the decision to take that long-delayed bucket list vacation? If so, it’s essential to do detailed planning so that everything goes smoothly. That’s because these once-in-a-lifetime excursions tend to include faraway destinations, last for more than a month, and cost more than a typical summer trip to the beach.

The key to getting the most out of the experience is writing a step-by-step itinerary that includes pre-trip packing details, budgets, and precise scheduling. For multi-country tours, you’ll need to do plenty of coordinating to make certain that passports, visas, air tickets, and rail passes are in order. Here’s a more comprehensive review of how to get started.

Do Research And Map It Out

Planning Your Bucket List World Tour

Bucket list trips call for careful, detailed planning. Keep in mind that the event is your one shot at making the best-ever vacation a reality. That means hours of online research about local conditions, costs, foods, culture, history, and more. Do your best to map out a day-by-day itinerary, leaving a few open periods for side trips and last-minute changes.

Also consider what you need to plan for at home, while you are away. If you are taking an extended trip you’ll want to ensure that you don’t miss a beat by considering things like yard maintenance while you’re gone, communicating with loved ones, and making arrangements for any pets you’re leaving behind.

Pay For It

Planning Your Bucket List World Tour

For most people who set out on a unique travel experience, the cost is the top concern. Not only are airfares currently at an all-time high, but other necessities, like hotel accommodations, taxis, rail tickets, short-term storage of belongings, and restaurant meals are costly additions to the budget for a major trip. The good news is that there are creative ways to cover the bills without breaking the bank.

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Pack Smart

Planning Your Bucket List World Tour

Packing mistakes can turn an otherwise excellent event into a nightmare and an expensive one at that. Consult online resources and join forums with people who have spent time in the same location. You’ll discover dozens of clever tips about what to bring along and what to leave at home. Most world-wise travelers offer the same piece of advice to newbies to pack fewer things than you think you’ll need.

Better to lack an item or two than bring along too much stuff. Most carriers charge by weight these days, so traveling light means a lower total bill.

Videos, Journals, and Social Media

Planning Your Bucket List World Tour

Decide early whether you want to keep a video or written record of your travels. Some people feel that filming and writing, even occasional social media posts, get in the way of fully enjoying the experience. Don’t alert large numbers of people to your exact travel dates, or you’ll become an easy target for thieves who scour social media for addresses of long-term travelers.

Often, it’s rewarding to keep a simple record of your daily activities by shooting short videos on a smartphone or using a high-quality digital camera to capture photos for later use.

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