Poppy Delevigne And Others Introduces Ocean Conservation Initiative Project Zero

Poppy Delevigne, Kate Moss, Chris Smalling, Rita Ora and others lend their voice to raise awareness for the ocean conservation initiative – Project Zero.

The fact that our planet is facing one of, if not the most, critical periods in its existence is no secret. From rising temperatures to rising sea levels, our entire existence and life as we know it is under serious threat.

Although a lot of focus is placed on saving our forests, and rightly so, we often forget that our oceans filter more carbon than all of our forests combined. Plus, as the Lion King reminded us once again, there is such a thing as the circle of life.

Everything on the planet is so interlinked that a small change or loss of habitat in the most remote part of the world can have a mammoth effect on an entire species or even weather patterns on the other side of the globe.

Because of this, we have to not just keep our oceans clean but we have to protect and ensure that life in the deep blue can flourish.

So, to help highlight a great initiative, a plethora of A-listers lent their voice to Project Zero and Turn The Tide with the goal of dramatically increasing the conservation of our oceans and its biodiversity.

Project Zero highlights the urgent need to protect 30% of the ocean in order to put the brakes on the climate crisis and create a sustainable future for life on Earth.

But this is not just a project for the stars and philanthropists of the world. You too can help and make a direct impact.

Project Zero is a global movement whose mission is to awaken the fight for the ocean and support its vital role in maintaining our planet’s ecological equilibrium. Co-founder Tyrone Wood is joined on-screen by some of the initiative’s most passionate ambassadors from the worlds of film, fashion, music and sport as they call to back Project Zero and turn the tide on the climate crisis, including Cara Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne, Will Poulter, Chris Smalling, Rita Ora, Kate Moss, Pixie Geldof, Ronnie Wood and Bernard Fowler.

The video launch follows the unveiling of Project Zero’s unique Christmas installation in collaboration with London’s iconic Carnaby Street. The innovative seascape reminds visitors of the ocean’s spectacular beauty and life-giving role in our lives.  Every element of the installation was created using recycled and reusable materials. Visitors to London this festive season can ‘Tap to Donate’ £3 to Project Zero at locations throughout Carnaby including 14-18 Fouberts Place, Shakespeare’s Head Pub, JinJuu, White Horse Tavern, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, and on the hoarding at Broadwick and Carnaby.

Want to get involved? Make individual donations via the Project Zero website: weareprojectzero.org Back @ProjectZero and #TurnTheTide on the climate crisis.

Poppy Delevigne And Others Introduces Ocean Conservation Initiative Project Zero