Powered by Innovation: 5 Space-Saving Bed Ideas

Regardless of how big or small your space is, it’s nice to maximize it to leave enough room for other activities. It’s easier than you think to makeover a smaller bedroom and optimize the space.

Bedrooms are a sort of sacred space where you sleep and relax. You want it to be the kind of respite that you wouldn’t mind showing off. If you’re looking for space-saving bed ideas for your home

1. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are the ultimate space saver. If you’ve never heard of these space-saving wall-mounted beds, then it’s time to get acquainted with these wonders. When a Murphy bed is not in use, it gets folded into the wall.

The base of the bed lies flush against the wall while the mattress sits in the recess of the wall. These beds work very well for minimalist designs, and they’re available in multiple sizes. You’ll be surprised at just how much floor space you open up.

2. Bunk Bed with Storage

Powered by Innovation: 5 Space-Saving Bed Ideas

Bunk beds never go out of style. And a bunk bed that has built-in storage is an absolute game changer. These come in handy when you have children. A bunk bed with steps that double as drawers and has an under-bed drawer is a great solution for toys, shoes, books, and clothing.

This could eliminate the need for dressers and other bedroom furniture, leaving plenty of space for imaginative play and adventure.

3. Bed with Bookshelves

If you’re an avid reader, then you’ll love the idea of a bed with built-in bookshelves. Your bed will become multifunctional and keep your favorite reads at arm’s length. It’s a convenient way to organize and store a variety of items without sacrificing valuable floor space.

If your goal is to meet a certain aesthetic while also encompassing functionality, this is your choice. You’ll find these beds available as bunk beds or as single beds. In single beds, the bookshelves are sometimes part of the headboard or sideboards.

4. Loft Bed

Powered by Innovation: 5 Space-Saving Bed Ideas

Leveraging the lift of a loft bed frees up the floor space where the footprint of the bed would be. It allows you to use more of your floor space. You’ll have room for a desk, a reading nook, a dresser, or even a futon. Loft beds are full of whimsy and give your bedroom a light-hearted feel with a touch of wonder.

They’re particularly well-suited to smaller rooms, which is why they’re commonly found in dorm rooms and studio apartments. You can even use a loft bed to make your office double as a fully functioning guest bedroom or to create a home library. Just be sure to install and mount it properly and safely.

5. Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are awesome, but a triple bunk bed is even more so. Although they’re not that commonly found in homes, they are an excellent solution for smaller homes or small rooms.

You can find them in multiple configurations to better suit your family’s needs. Whether you’ve got multiple children sharing a room or hosting frequent sleepovers, you’ll love a triple bunk’s versatility and space-saving ability.

These space-saving designs are going to change the way you live in your space. You’ll get the comforts of home while still enjoying more of your space. Your bed can take up less space, and maximize how you use your home.

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