Quick Facts About Accelerated Bachelor’s Degrees You Should Be Aware Of

An accelerated degree is a program meant for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than the one they wish to obtain their new bachelor’s degree. They are accelerated because, instead of requiring the normal four to five years after high school graduation, they can be completed in approximately half that time. For instance, if you were enrolled in an engineering degree program at a university and already held a bachelor’s degree in history (or anything other than engineering), you may enrol yourself into an accelerated engineering degree program.

Here are quick facts to help you decide if such a degree program is right for you.

Takes Two Years To Complete

Quick Facts About Accelerated Bachelor's Degrees You Should Be Aware Of

You may be able to complete most of the program’s required courses in two years. This does not mean you will finish in two years; it simply means that you should be able to take all of the necessary courses required for your new degree in two years or less. You might be wondering how to graduate college in 2 years or less if it normally takes around five to six years. It’s done by taking classes during the summer months and the normal college year. This can be very tiring but worth it in the end if you don’t have any other choice or are running out of money needed for college.

Four Classes Per Semester

Four classes (or about 16-19 credit hours) are typically taken per semester. This is usually possible because the program does not require students to take many general core college courses. Since you are required to take more classes than the average student (about 12 to 15), you should also be able to complete them faster than most other students, giving yourself valuable time to do other things such as working or taking part in extracurricular activities.

Quick Facts About Accelerated Bachelor's Degrees You Should Be Aware Of

May Require A Test To Determine Knowledge

If you earned your bachelor’s degree elsewhere, you might be required to take a few tests before being admitted into the accelerated program for your new degree. You might be upset because this means that you have to take time out of your busy schedule to do this, but it helps ensure that you are prepared for college-level work. Suppose you have already taken any general education courses required by the school’s core curriculum. In that case, you will probably not have to worry about taking them again or at least very few of them.

Quick Facts About Accelerated Bachelor's Degrees You Should Be Aware Of

May Cover The Same Material You Have Already Studied

Some accelerated degrees are the same as their traditional counterparts. For instance, if you have already earned your bachelor’s degree in business administration and now want to earn a second one in computer science, you may be required to take courses that cover the same material covered by the first degree. Most accelerated degrees are designed to give students a broad understanding of different areas within their perspective fields.

Before deciding on an accelerated degree, you should do your homework by researching the programs that interest you to make sure they fit your needs. You may have to take a few courses twice, but some accelerated programs are the same as traditional ones if you are fortunate enough. In addition, you should speak with a college admissions counsellor about your options.

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