Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

In response to the growing demand for meaningful travel experiences focused on human connection, well-being, and cultural exploration, Travelgems, the leading retreat company in Europe, recently announced a total of 35 retreats in 2023.

This surge in retreats reflects the increasing interest among travellers, particularly women, who comprise 94 percent of participants. Recent research indicates that consumers are seeking mindfulness getaways, with a third of travellers expressing interest in holidays that prioritize mental health and wellbeing.

Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

As Travelgems caters to these desires, their retreats have multiplied significantly, with a steady increase from six in 2021 to 16 in 2022 and now an impressive 35 in 2023, located in stunning destinations across Europe.

The Future of Wellbeing Retreat with Deepak Chopra

In a special partnership with Travelgems, renowned author and spiritual leader, Dr Deepak Chopra, will host a four-night retreat called “The Future of Wellbeing” at the luxurious W Costa Navarino in Greece this September.

Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

The retreat offers guests the chance to connect their mind, body, and soul while basking in the beauty of the southwest Peloponnese region. Participants can expect a transformative experience that blends mindfulness practices and the wisdom of Dr Chopra.

Cultural Retreat in Epidaurus, Greece

Led by the esteemed Professor Edith Hall, author of “Greek Tragedy: Suffering under the Sun,” and the bestselling author and writer, Natalie Haynes, this retreat delves into the world of ancient tragedies, including Agamemnon, Medea, and Antigone.

Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

By exploring the profound ancient answers to dilemmas and tragic situations that continue to resonate in modern times, such as bereavement and conflicts between individuals, guests will gain unique insights. The interactive illustrated lectures will be accompanied by visits to theatre-related sites and museums across Corinth and the Argolis, culminating in a captivating performance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.

Shaun T Retreat in Tenerife

Internationally acclaimed fitness motivator, entrepreneur, and TV host, Shaun T, invites participants to join him in Tenerife for an invigorating health and fitness retreat.

Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

Set against the backdrop of the Ritz-Carlton, guests can enjoy a sunny getaway in December while embarking on a transformative journey to strengthen both body and soul. Through a variety of fitness activities, Shaun T’s retreat promises to leave guests feeling refreshed and empowered.

Alexa Idama Retreat in Faro, Portugal

Certified classical Pilates teacher, Alexa Idama, with her over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, welcomes guests to Octant Praia Verde in Faro, Portugal.

Wellness Getaways: Explore Retreats in Europe with Travelgems

Nestled between woods and the ocean, this boutique haven serves as an oasis for rejuvenation. Alexa’s signature ‘Low Impact Fit’ approach challenges traditional high-impact exercises, focusing on slow exercise to leave guests feeling amazing during and after their retreat. With daily Pilates sessions in this idyllic Algarve setting, participants will experience profound rejuvenation and a deep sense of well-being.


With the surge in demand for transformative and wellness-focused travel experiences, Travelgems has curated a diverse range of retreats across Europe. These retreats cater to the desires of travellers seeking mindfulness, human connection, and cultural exploration.

From the spiritual teachings of Deepak Chopra and the profound insights into ancient tragedies led by Edith Hall and Natalie Haynes to the invigorating fitness journey with Shaun T and the rejuvenating Pilates experience with Alexa Idama, each retreat promises an escape from the ordinary and a chance for self-discovery. For those seeking to enrich their lives through travel, Travelgems‘ 35 curated retreats in 2023 provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

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