Revamp Your Lifestyle with ALINA Residences’ New Golf and Sports Simulator

ALINA Residences, the unparalleled residential haven nestled in the heart of downtown Boca Raton, Florida, and managed by El-Ad National Properties, recently shared some exciting news.

The esteemed establishment is thrilled to introduce a cutting-edge golf and sports simulator, taking the array of wellness amenities at ALINA to new heights. Join a community of discerning residents who relish in world-class facilities and an award-winning living experience.

Elevating Recreation: ALINA Residences’ Innovative Addition

Within ALINA Residences’ trio of architectural marvels, namely ALINA 200, which was completed in March 2021, and the forthcoming ALINA 210 and 220, scheduled for delivery in late 2024, the inclusion of a professional-level golf and sports simulator marks an unprecedented enhancement. This simulator synergizes seamlessly with ALINA’s existing range of recreational and wellness offerings, cementing its status as a premier residential destination.

Revamp Your Lifestyle with ALINA Residences' New Golf and Sports Simulator

Set against the backdrop of ALINA 220‘s two-story fitness centre, the state-of-the-art golf and sports simulator is housed in a glass-walled studio, offering residents unparalleled views as they perfect their game. Developed in collaboration with the renowned Full Swing, a licensed partner of the PGA Tour, this simulator promises a transformative experience. It grants residents the privilege of refining their skills on the world’s most iconic courses, including the revered TPC Sawgrass and the picturesque Pebble Beach.

A Glimpse into Unmatched Features

The simulator’s allure goes beyond its picturesque location. Impeccably detailed, monthly-refreshed courses boasting lifelike graphics become a canvas for players’ ambitions. Infused with infrared tracking technology featuring blue light LEDs, the simulator ensures the most accurate indoor ball tracking in sports. An ION3 camera captures real-time golf club and ball data, accentuating precision through post-swing analysis, rendering a comprehensive snapshot of the player’s performance.

Revamp Your Lifestyle with ALINA Residences' New Golf and Sports Simulator

Diverse sports enthusiasts will also find their haven in the simulator’s repertoire, encompassing over 13 sports experiences, such as Basketball Shootout, Football QB Challenge, Baseball Home Run Derby, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. This multifaceted offering caters to a wide range of interests, guaranteeing that every resident finds their muse.

Wellness Unveiled: Personalised Thermal Circuit

ALINA 220 beckons residents to craft their own wellness journey through a tailored thermal circuit. The circuit features an array of experiences, from an invigorating starting shower to a sauna that can be personalised to varying temperatures and humidity levels. Novel offerings like the invigorating Cold Mist, the refreshing Caribbean Rain, and the soothing Atlantic Ocean shower programmes allow residents to curate their relaxation adventures.

Encompassing a multi-function sauna with customisable modes, ALINA 220‘s spa is a haven of indulgence. Innovative features like the periodic bursts of soothing aromas in the steam room elevate the sensory experience. Residents can bask in shared relaxation spaces, fostering a sense of community and tranquillity.

Revamp Your Lifestyle with ALINA Residences' New Golf and Sports Simulator

CEO of El-Ad National Properties, Noam Ziv, encapsulates ALINA Residences’ commitment to a holistic lifestyle, stating, “At ALINA Residences, we are dedicated to enriching our residents’ lives with a blend of premium wellness amenities, ensuring a dynamic and fulfilling existence. The introduction of the golf and sports simulator further exemplifies our devotion to diverse recreation and relaxation options.”

Unveiling ALINA Residences: Epitome of Excellence

ALINA Residences stands tall at 200 SE Mizner Boulevard, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Its enviable location places it amidst the verdant fairways of The Boca Raton and Southeast Mizner Boulevard while being a leisurely stroll away from Boca Raton’s culinary delights, artistic treasures, and retail havens. Furthermore, its proximity to iconic beaches and serene parks elevates its allure, presenting a lifestyle that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with natural splendour.

Prospective buyers are invited to experience the future by embarking on construction preview tours for select units within ALINA 210 and ALINA 220. This unique opportunity offers a glimpse into the lifestyle that awaits, with priority accorded to new purchasers.

Revamp Your Lifestyle with ALINA Residences' New Golf and Sports Simulator

Elad Group, with a distinguished history spanning over three decades of upscale development ventures in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto, has extended its reach to the vibrant South Florida market through El-Ad National Properties. Characterised by agility, entrepreneurship, and unwavering values, El-Ad National Properties is leaving an indelible mark with ALINA Residences Boca Raton, a testament to its dedication and innovation in the world of real estate.

Embark on a Lifestyle Redefined

In closing, ALINA Residences stands as a testament to luxury living reimagined. With the introduction of the cutting-edge golf and sports simulator, residents have the opportunity to embrace their passions, hone their skills, and indulge in an unparalleled level of wellness. Whether perfecting their swing on world-renowned courses or immersing themselves in a diverse range of sports experiences, ALINA offers a holistic approach to leisure and recreation.

As ALINA 210 and 220 beckon with their promise of exquisite living spaces, residents can anticipate a lifestyle that harmoniously combines opulence, innovation, and community. From the meticulously crafted thermal circuit to the spa’s sensorial delights, ALINA Residences redefines what it means to thrive in an urban oasis.

The visionary spirit of El-Ad National Properties and the esteemed Elad Group continues to leave an indelible mark on South Florida’s real estate landscape. ALINA Residences Boca Raton is more than a development; it’s an embodiment of luxury, well-being, and a celebration of the art of living.

Embrace the future. Elevate your lifestyle. Experience ALINA Residences.

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