Rising Star Chef Ian Tan Takes Singaporean Cuisine To New Heights

In the ever-evolving world of culinary excellence, talents like Chef Ian Tan from Bottega Di Carna continue to make their mark.

This seasoned chef recently earned well-deserved recognition at the World Young Chef Young Waiter and Young Mixologist 2023 Awards, showcasing the prowess of Singapore’s culinary scene on the global stage.

A Triumph in Monaco: Celebrating Singapore’s Culinary Prowess

Chef Ian Tan, a rising star at Bottega Di Carna, played a pivotal role in Singapore’s victory at the prestigious World Young Chef Awards.

Rising Star Chef Ian Tan Takes Singaporean Cuisine to New Heights

The event, held at the iconic Lycée Rainier lll in Monaco, gathered emerging talents in cuisine, table service, and mixology from around the world. The winners were unveiled at a grand awards dinner at the Salle Empire of Hotel de Paris on November 24, 2023.

Team Singapore’s Victory: A Culinary Showcase

Chef Ian, alongside waiter Belle Torres and mixologist Zana Mohlmann, clinched the top spot, earning a share of the $US15,000 grand prize. The triumphant team represented Singapore among participants from England, Wales, Ireland, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and more.

Rising Star Chef Ian Tan Takes Singaporean Cuisine to New Heights

Notably, they outshone competitors like Team USA, securing Singapore’s position as a culinary powerhouse.

Beyond the accolades, Chef Ian’s culinary journey reflects a deep-rooted passion for food that began in his family’s kitchen at the age of five. His professional odyssey commenced at 14, working in a ramen joint, eventually leading him to pursue a Diploma in Culinary Science at Temasek Polytechnic.

Bottega Di Carna: A Culinary Haven with Heart

Chef Ian found his home at Bottega Di Carna, under the mentorship of the renowned ‘world’s greatest butcher’ Dario Cecchini.

Specializing in pasta, Ian contributes to the soulful Italian comfort food at the heart of Bottega di Carna. The emphasis on cooking from the heart with passion, as instilled by Chefs Alastair Clayton and Kenny Huang, resonates in every dish.

Rising Star Chef Ian Tan Takes Singaporean Cuisine to New Heights

Ian’s victory in Monaco stands as a testament to his mission: celebrating Asian flavours in Michelin dining. Amidst a trend of Western cuisine dominance, Chef Ian set out to reinterpret Asian cuisine, competing against teams serving Western dishes.

This triumph is a significant professional milestone, validating his dedication to promoting diverse culinary traditions.

For those seeking a culinary adventure, an exclusive pop-up dinner by Chef Ian Tan awaits at Christina’s on January 30th and 31st, and February 1st, 2024. This limited-time event promises a showcase of his award-winning dishes, featuring hyperlocal ingredients and inventive twists on Singaporean classics.

Rising Star Chef Ian Tan Takes Singaporean Cuisine to New Heights

Christina’s at Mondrian Singapore Duxton, known as the Lion City’s next great hangout, embodies a laid-back yet stylish sanctuary. A beacon of creativity that transitions seamlessly from day to night, Christina’s offers a unique culinary experience built on partnerships and collaboration.


Chef Ian Tan’s journey from a family kitchen to the global stage is not only a personal triumph but also a celebration of Singaporean culinary excellence. As he continues to inspire with his innovative approach, Chef Ian Tan represents the epitome of rising talents making an indelible mark on the world of gastronomy.

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