Robata Japanese Restaurant Launches at Caesar’s Palace Dubai

Dubai‘s dining scene continues to reach new heights of luxury and indulgence, and the arrival of Robata at Caesar’s Palace takes it to a whole new level.

With its designer tableware, exceptional menu offerings, and an exclusive beverage selection, Robata promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Unveiling Robata: Where Fireside Cooking Meets Culinary Artistry

Derived from the term ‘robatayaki,’ which translates to ‘fireside cooking’ in Japanese, Robata showcases a unique BBQ-style cooking technique. This method combines hot coals with a flat-open fireplace known as a hearth grill, resulting in unparalleled flavours and textures.

Robata Japanese Restaurant Launches at Caesar's Palace Dubai

Immerse Yourself in Omakase Yakiniku Mastery

At Robata, prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other with Dubai’s first Omakase Yakiniku Menu. This extraordinary menu showcases the art of Japanese Yakiniku, curated by the highly skilled Yakiniku master chef, Kenichi Osato.

With an impressive 30-year track record in high-end Japanese Yakiniku restaurants, Chef Osato’s expertise guarantees a dining experience beyond compare.

Unparalleled Culinary Delights Await

Robata offers an array of extraordinary culinary creations. Indulge in the authentic Japanese shabu-shabu hotpot omakase course, meticulously prepared using A5 Kobe beef with a marbling score of 12, representing the pinnacle of quality.

Robata Japanese Restaurant Launches at Caesar's Palace Dubai

Experience the traditional and authentic Japanese tempura course, and savour the tantalizing flavours from the charcoal grill menu.

A Fusion of Culinary Brilliance

Collaborating with Chef Osato is Sushi master chef Tatsuro Mitsuyasu, renowned for his exceptional skills honed at Sushi Kimura, an award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore.

Robata presents an extensive selection of sushi courses that embody authenticity. For a unique twist, indulge in the exquisite charcoal-seared sushi, adding an element of smoky perfection to each bite.

A Gastronomic Journey Beyond Compare

Robata’s a la carte menu offers a delightful array of culinary masterpieces. Among the signature dishes is the charcoal-grilled Nodoguro rice, crafted with the finest Nodoguro fish, renowned in Japan for its delicate and subtly sweet flavour.

Only the highest quality brand of Nodoguro, known as “Benihitomi,” is selected to elevate this dish to unparalleled heights.

The Art of Culinary Precision

Mastering the art of cooking at Robata demands precision, skill, and a heightened sense of awareness. The expert Robata chefs rely on their instincts and senses to monitor grilling time and height with utmost precision. As cooking temperatures cannot be controlled, this meticulous approach ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.

Unveiling Unmatched Luxury

Robata Japanese Restaurant Launches at Caesar's Palace Dubai

Just like TakaHisa, Robata treats its guests to a memorable presentation. Each order is elegantly served inside designer luggage, adding a touch of sophistication to the dining experience. Additionally, guests can admire the fashionable barista set displayed daily, which sets the stage for the award-winning flare show.

Breathtaking Ambiance and Unrivaled Views

Whether you choose to dine indoors or in the picturesque gardens surrounding the restaurant, you are guaranteed breathtaking beachside views of the enchanting Persian Gulf. The serene surroundings add an extra layer of tranquillity to your dining experience at Robata.

Indulge Your Senses from 10 am to 2 am

Robata welcomes guests daily from 10 am to 2 am, ensuring that you can enjoy its exquisite offerings at your convenience. You can find this exceptional dining destination inside the Julius Building at the renowned Caesar’s Palace Resort.

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