Royal Wagers: British Aristocrats Who Enjoyed Gambling

The British royal family, with its long and storied history, has seen its fair share of monarchs and members who didn’t mind a hand of baccarat or even a spin on a slot machine.

In this article,  we will look at kings and queens from centuries ago to more recent stories involving princes and princesses and explore their favourite games of chance.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret was a regular at the Clermont Casino in Mayfair, where she rubbed shoulders with Roger Moore and Britt Ekland.

She played everything from baccarat to poker to slot machines and was known to be the life of the party, and no doubt, if she were alive today, she would play slots online!

Her fondness for games of chance aligned with her reputation as a non-conformist within the royal family, making her a beloved figure for those who appreciated her anti-traditionalist life. 

King Charles II

King Charles II, who ascended to the throne in 1660, earned the moniker “The Merry Monarch” for his lively lifestyle. Charles II was known for his vibrant social scene, and he enjoyed playing dice and card games. Dice games were particularly popular during his reign.

King Charles II was a trendsetter, with aristocrats copying his gambling habits and then commoners copying aristocrats.

Before long, games of chance were being played from the royal palace to the most common inn. He also enjoyed the love of the people thanks to his down-to-earth nature and would regularly ride through the streets of London on his horse.

King Edward VII

Royal Wagers: British Aristocrats Who Enjoyed Gambling

King Edward VII, who took the throne in 1901, was a royal figure with a penchant for the racecourse. He was a regular presence at horse races and wagered on various events. The king’s love for betting extended beyond the racetrack to casinos, where he enjoyed games of chance like baccarat.

Edward VII’s gambling exploits were not without controversy, as his extravagant lifestyle and love for socialising with actresses and society figures often attracted criticism.

He was even called to the witness stand in a baccarat cheating scandal when charges were levied against Sir William Gordon-Cumming, who was accused of illegally adding to his stake.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has always had a soft spot for poker. He would regularly meet up with his mates for poker nights and was even spotted playing high stakes in Las Vegas. Prince Harry even met one of his girlfriends, Caroline Flack, at a poker night back in 2009.

It’s not clear what Meghan thinks of Prince Harry’s gambling activities but he may have toned down the betting since he has become a father.

Prince Harry’s occasional poker nights add a relatable and down-to-earth element to the royal image, resonating with those who appreciate his more casual approach.

British royals have been playing games of chance for literally centuries. From the exuberance of King Charles II to the modern-day poker nights of Prince Harry, British royals have never been above testing their luck! 

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