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With the summer now right around the corner, gone are the dull greys, blues and faded greens and in are the bold and vibrant colours and patterns. This is not only true of our clothing, it’s also true of our furnishings and home décor as is evident in RUG’SOCIETY’s new wow collection.


When it comes to your home furnishings, you’ll no doubt be looking to make a statement, but how? Well, you could go ahead and take a touch of vibrancy, a sprinkling of boldness and a tad of eye-catching patterns and designs and combine them together to create some of the best rugs and wallpapers you could ever imagine. In terms of household décor, the humble rug is very important, yet for some reason we often find ourselves overlooking rugs in favour of more functional pieces such as sofas, coffee table and so on.

The same goes for wallpaper, as people often tend to go with neutral colours or simple paint. With the right style, design and print of rug or pattern of wallpaper, you can transform any room in your home with minimal effort and enjoy maximum impact. RUG’SOCIETY has realized this, which is why they have created their WOW collection and boy is it turning heads for all of the right reasons.

With a name like the WOW collection, you’ve probably already guessed that the designs on offer in this collection are not your simple beiges, creams and neutrals. While there’s nothing wrong with these designs, sometimes we want something a little more bold and adventurous.

Bogarde Naif Green

RUG'SOCIETY’s Bogarde Naif Green

The Bogarde Naif Green for example, is perfect for those of you with an affinity for nature. With leaves and palm tree prints, along with a head-turning mid-century vibe, if you wish to spruce up your home décor and give it a more summer theme, the Bogarde Naif Green collection is ideal. As you can imagine, green is the dominant colour here, so if you’re looking to create a summer paradise in the comfort of your own living room, make sure you check out the Bogarde Naif Green wallpaper!

Rug Society’s Wow Collection
RUG'SOCIETY's Naif Green Wallpaper

Ellen Umlaza

RUG'SOCIETY’s Elle Umlaza

Up next we’ll look at the Ellen Umlaza range. With a pearly fabric, geometric dark appointments, and a vibrant cream design, the Ellen Umlaza rug is the perfect modern, yet contemporary addition to a household, and what’s more, with an armchair available in the same design, creating the perfect look for your home is easier than ever.

RUG'SOCIETY’s Umlaza Rug
The new Ellen Umlaza chair has been inspired by the Umlaza rug

Malay Susy

RUG'SOCIETY’s Malay Susy

Inspired by the geometric-pattern Susy rug, the new Malay Susy chair is the reincarnation of the classic mid century chair. The retro reboot has a sleek design that can easily blend with multi-styled interiors. The Susy rug’s pattern has been colourised with warm wood tones which translates into a fabulous tropically themed showpiece.


Bourbon Dragon Fly

RUG'SOCIETY’s Bourbon Dragon Fly

Other than tropical patterns, another major decor trend for 2018 is oriental patterns. Part of the new Wow Collection, the Bourbon Dragon Fly chair is a contemporary Asian influenced piece that is the ultimate blend between stylish design and comfort living. The chair borrows its upholstery design from The Dragon Fly wallpaper that portrays a dragon flying through and Asian botanical landscape.

RUG'SOCIETY’s Dragon Fly Wallpaper
RUG'SOCIETY’s Dragon Fly wallpaper was the inspiration for the new Bourbon Dragon Fly

Images courtesy of RUG’SOCIETY

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